Our Special Interest Groups


The various educational interests within the Education Section have produced three areas of intense activity. Each special interest group (SIG) has established its own governance, activities and annual programming. The SIGs are each supported in part by funds from the Education Section, and Êare complimentary to Education Section members. If you are an Education Section member and would like to join a SIG, visit the individual SIG webpages and click on the Sign Up link.

  • Academic Faculty Special Interest Group

    The AFSIG serves as a forum for sharing and exchanging information about faculty matters and as an advocacy group for academic faculty in addressing issues of concern in physical therapy education.The AFSIG has generated excitement among academic faculty from different content backgrounds to come together over issues of teaching, scholarship and service. Click Here to Visit AFSIG

  • Anatomy Educators Special Interest Group

    The objectives of the AESIG are to:

    Provide an on-line network for the exchange of information related to physical therapist anatomy education

    Foster awareness of best-practice and teaching tools available to physical therapist anatomy educators to enhance the integration and application of the foundational sciences into the development of clinical reasoning skills and physical therapist practice

    Coordinate efforts with existing anatomy professional organizations to ensure efficient use of available resources and the dissemination of education-related information and evidence-based anatomical sciences research germane to educators in our field.

    Foster mentoring relationships between experienced and novice faculty teaching anatomy in physical therapist education programs

    Facilitate collaborative efforts in anatomy and anatomy education related research among physical therapist anatomy educators  Click Here to Visit AESIG

  • Clinical Education Special Interest Group

    The CESIG serves as a resource and forum for individuals who have a professional concern for the coordination, implementation, and evaluation of clinical education for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. The CESIG has created a significant and lasting relationship between members of academic programs and clinical facilities in addressing needs of clinical education from both of these perspectives. Click Here to Visit CESIG

  • Physical Therapist Assistant Educators Special Interest Group

    The PTAESIG serves as a resource and forum for individuals who have an interest in physical therapist assistant education. The PTAESIG provides a vehicle for increasing and improving the communication among educators in Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) programs. Through this increased communication, the PTAESIG has promoted continuing education for PTA faculty in areas pertinent to their teaching responsibilities. Click Here to Visit PTAESIG

  • Residency/Fellowship Education Special Interest Group

    The Residency/Fellowship Education Special Interest Group of the Education Section, APTA provides a forum where residency/fellowship faculty including program directors, coordinators and mentors promote excellence in residency education by providing collaborative opportunities for educational research, exploring opportunities for curricular development, enhancing resident clinical reasoning skills and discussing resources available for assessment in residency education.Click Here to Visit RFESIG

  • Scholarship of Education Special Interest Group

    The scholarship of Education Special Interest Group of the Education Section of the American Physical Therapy Association hereinafter referred to as the Scholarship of Education SIG (SoESIG).

    Purpose: The Scholarship of Education Special Interest Group of the Education Section provides a forum where both academic and clinical educators will promote and enhance the quality of educational scholarship in physical therapist education. The SIG seeks to foster the development of educational researchers and facilitate collaboration and translation of research to educational practice. Click Here to Visit SoESIG


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