The APTA Academy of Education, one of the oldest sections of the American Physical Therapy Association, is committed to advancing physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and physical therapy students in their roles as educators in academic, clinical and community settings. The APTA Academy of Education supports excellence in physical therapy education and education research to better meeting the needs of patients, families and communities through strategic communication among our members and across professional communities, through continuing professional development and enhanced education research, and through collaborative action within our Association.

Executive Committee

The APTA Academy of Education is governed by an elected board of directors, all of whom are available to discuss issues affecting the Association and the physical therapy profession. The Academy President is responsible for governing and directing all section activities. The Academy Delegate participates in the House of Delegates, which is the highest decision-making body of the Association, and makes decisions on issues that frequently have far-reaching implications for the Association and the profession.

President Pamela K. Levangie PT, DSc, DPT, FAPTA
Vice President Christine McCallum PT, PhD
President Elect Chalee Engelhard PT, EdD
Treasurer Amy Amabile PT, MPT, PhD
Secretary Lori Bordenave PT, DPT, PhD
Executive Director Laura Danze
Association Manager Sherry Battle CMP

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About APTA Academy of Education

The APTA Academy of Education, one of the oldest of the American Physical Therapy Association, is dedicated to the development of each new generation of physical therapy practitioners, a dynamic cadre of academic educators, and a store of knowledge useful to consumers for enhancing their own musculoskeletal health.