Strategies for Striving for Excellence in Clinical Education: Perspective of a Health Care Organization


To provide clinical educators, academic educators and administrators with strategies to improve clinical education programs at the organization and facility level.

Methods and/or Description of Project

Carolinas HealthCare System facilities have been implementing strategies to enhance our student programs. These strategies have involved staff from both the administrative level and the clinician level. Some of these strategies include developing stronger relationships with local academic programs, establishing an internal consortium of clinical education coordinators within Carolinas HealthCare System and utilizing alternate models of clinical education.


Carolinas HealthCare System has had success in building and maintaining strong relationships with academic programs, leading to mutually supportive relationships. This is shown through the development of a clinical residency program and the sharing of resources. We have also seen success in standardizing and enhancing the clinical education of the organization through the use of the internal consortium and have provided strong and unique clinical rotations using alternate models of clinical education. These strategies have also helped to further personal growth and development of all teammates involved and have improved recruitment and retention for Carolinas HealthCare System.

Conclusions/Relevance to the conference theme: The Pursuit of Excellence in Physical Therapy Education

Excellence in physical therapy education requires enthusiastic involvement from not only the academic and clinical educators, but also support from administration of both the facility and the academic institution. Using the stategies discussed in this presentation will provide a framework for other facilities and health care organizations to utilize to enhance their student programs.


Strategies used by Carolinas HealthCare System for enhancing student programs

Course Objectives

To understand the key players in clinical education.
To understand the strategies utilized by Carolinas HealthCare System.
To leave with strategies that can be implemented within your academic program or facility/organization.

Instructional Methods

Power Point presentation

Tentative Outline/Schedule

Power Point presentation presented by Meredith Westbrook and Calvin Hung.

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