Navigating the CPI and CSIF for Optimal Outcomes Reporting


This interactive workshop session is designed for users of APTA’s Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) Web and Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF) Web to learn more effective hints and techniques for accessing, managing, and reporting academic program outcomes. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptop computers to work with their own academic program data to test out these strategies. Information will be provided to better understand the complexities of managing these interconnected technologies. Opportunities will be provided for attendees to share systematic and constructive feedback for future refinement to these tools and technology systems relevant to the needs of all stakeholders.

Methods and/or Description of Project

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Conclusions/Relevance to the conference theme: The Pursuit of Excellence in Physical Therapy Education

The proposed session will primarily address the “Outcome Assessment in Physical Therapy Education” theme for the 2016 Education Leadership Conference by focusing on the use of clinical education technologies to optimize program and student outcomes reporting. The session is also consistent with the following additional themes: Fostering Clinical Reasoning: Classroom to Clinic to Residency,
Instructional Strategies for the Classroom and Clinic, and Building our Educational Research Capacity.


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Course Objectives

By the completion of this workshop session, the participant will…
(1) Apply 5 new strategies for managing CPI Web and CSIF Web to their own clinical education data set.
(2) Discuss the most frequently seen issues in how the PT and PTA CPI are completed in clinical practice and clarify their appropriate use.
(3) Recognize options for academic program reporting of outcomes data.
(4) Share constructive suggestions for future refinement and enhancement of these tools and clinical education technology systems relevant to the needs of all stakeholders.

Instructional Methods

Lecture, Demonstration and Application, Discussion, Question and Answer, Open Sharing and Feedback

Tentative Outline/Schedule

5 min: Welcome and Introductions
Overview of the interconnected PT CPI Web, PTA CPI Web, and CSIF Web as a systems technology.
* Group Attendees based on experience with CPI Web and CSIF Web technologies and CAPTE Accreditation.

40 min: Managing CPI Web and CSIF Web to Optimize Program Outcomes - demonstration and activity.
* Attendees access CPI Web and CSIF Web on their laptop computers.
* Demonstrate while participants actively apply strategies in how to more efficiently use and manage their database systems.
* Highlight new technology enhancements that will further streamline the process of using CPI Web and CSIF Web with generating reports.
* Q & A regarding CPI Web integrated within the session.

10 min: Discuss the most common issues noted in how the CPI is being used in clinical practice.
* Describe and justify the appropriate use of the rating scale in assessing students throughout clinical education experiences.
* Share strategies to promote accurate use of the rating scale and thus accurate outcomes.

20 min: Discuss options for program reporting of outcome data.
* Describe how to generate and interpret the reports to extract the information needed.
* Provide options for calculating outcomes from the reports.
* Demonstrate methods of reporting the outcomes in tables and/or graphs.

15 min: Participants ask questions and provide constructive feedback to further refine and enhance CPI Web and CSIF Web in the future with consideration in its use by all stakeholders.

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