COVID-19 What We're Doing, What We Did.


Showcase real-time solutions for clinical partnerships to dynamically offer clinical education opportunities in a time of extended crisis.


Using the Kotter model to implement real-time changes to satisfy the needs of all clinical education stakeholders; institution, clinic, student, patients. By creating early urgency, and a coalition of like minded educators, we repurposed a 'common pathology' curriculum captured in our residency program to promote clinical reasoning opportunities with declining caseloads, and reduced face-face patient interactions. A formal program was created within our Clinical Education program to host 6 additional clinical rotation 'spaces' over the summer of 2020 to assist a local academic institution.


6 additional students were able to complete previously cancelled clinical experiences at other clinical institutions. We were able to foster clinical reasoning and achieve success in student learning through an innovative model balancing telecommunication, formal curriculum, and reflection techniques.

Conclusions/Relevance to the conference theme:

COVID-19's impact has yet to fully be established. The need to share in real-time techniques being utilized to maintain the clinical education system.

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  • Authors: Matthew Calendrillo
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