Mindfulness and Leadership: Follow-up from the Webinar


This educational session is an extension of the webinar on the topic of mindfulness and leadership that was offered last month. This session will allow for follow-up discussion on the topic of mindfulness and obtain feedback on the webinar style presentation along with identifying future needs for leadership development.

Methods and/or Description of Project

Small group discussions, individual reflectons, large group discussion


Participants will have greater mastery of the use of mindfulness techniques and its role in developing leadership skills.

Conclusions/Relevance to the conference theme: Through the Looking Glass: Transforming Physical Therapy Education

This program’s focus is linked to the theme, “Walking the Talk: Leadership and Advocacy”. Numerous articles have linked mindfulness and leadership.


References will be given at a later date. The ACAPT Leadership Oversight Committee is working on securing the speaker for the webinar that will be offered prior to the start of ELC. Once the the speaker for the webinar is confirmed specific references will be provided. There are numerous books and articles on mindfulness along with linking mindfulness to effective leadership.

Course Objectives

At the end of this session the following objectives will be met:
1. Individuals will be able to define mindfulness.
2. Individuals will share one mindfulness strategy they have implemented since the webinar.
3. Individuals will mindfully reflect and identify future leadership training needs.

Instructional Methods

Presentation, small and large group discussions

Tentative Outline/Schedule

30 minutes: Presentation – summary of webinar
30 minutes: Small group discussion/ individual reflections
30 minutes: Large group discussion (gathering feedback on webinar/ future leadership training needs)

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  • Type: Educational Session
  • Event/Year: ELC2017
  • Authors: Janet Bezner, Dr. Nannette Hyland
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