Unleashing the Power of “E”


“E-thinking” transforms entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence (EQ) – two vital ingredients for effective leadership - into the energy and active engagement essential for innovation and change. “E-thinking” is needed from all stakeholders within DPT education to drive our imaginations outside of our siloes, explore opportunities in new ways, and to confront our “elephants” in the room in order to lead purposeful innovation necessary to advance DPT entry-level preparation.

The purpose of this session is to examine entrepreneurial and emotionally intelligent styles that can be used by academic and clinical faculty to facilitate creative thinking at the individual, team or organizational level to lead numerous small yet meaningful disruptive innovations in order to effect change within DPT education.

Methods and/or Description of Project

Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, reasoning and acting that is obsessed with opportunity, restless with the status quo, holistic in its approach and leveraged through leadership (Timmons and Spinelli, 2009). Highly effective leaders exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence (Goleman, Boyatzis, & McKee, 2013). Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the set of emotional and social skills that influence the ways in which individuals perceive and express themselves, develop and maintain social relationships, and cope with challenges, opportunities and change (HCI, 2013). Disruptive innovators use multiple touchpoints to gain the momentum and energy over time to fuel larger scale, meaningful cultural shifts to transform organizations. All of these elements are needed to unleash the power of “E” within DPT education.


Participants will leave this session with a foundation of critical strategies needed to spark greater “E-thinking” and to recruit and invite disruptive innovators to the DPT table to move physical therapy education from meeting minimum standards to instead reaching for excellence and best practice.

Conclusions/Relevance to the conference theme: Through the Looking Glass: Transforming Physical Therapy Education

Entrepreneurs see the glass as half full, are obsessed with opportunity, and strive to make things better, every day. They walk the talk. Disruptive innovation can start small yet lead to transformational change. Leaders who use more of a visionary pacesetter leadership style can re-frame their perspective to harness the collective energy of others to spark change within DPT programs. Unleashing the power of “E” has the potential to “rock the boat” just enough to move us forwards toward excellence in DPT education.


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Course Objectives

Define the power of “E”.
Examine the need for greater “E-Thinking” within DPT education.
Discuss disruptive innovation as a welcome process to promote transformational change.
Examine the link between emotional intelligence (EQ) and effective leadership styles for leading innovation.
Prepare stakeholders for cultures of E-Thinking, disruptive innovation and transformational change.

Instructional Methods

Lecture, Self-Assessment, Small Group work, and Case scenarios (skill development)

Tentative Outline/Schedule

The Power of E! (15 min.)
E-Thinking: Entrepreneurship meets Emotional Intelligence (20 min.)
Disruptive Innovation (15 min.)
EQ & Leading Change (15 min.)
Tapping into the ‘Power of E’: Taking Calculated Risks to Plan for Action (15 min.)
Q&A (10 min.)

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