The Education Professional Service Award is a high honor used to recognize significant service to the APTA Academy of Education.



  • The recipient will be an Academy member who has done significant work contributing to the academy over the course of their career.
  • The recipient will have served the academy for at least 10 (cumulative) years in a committees or task forces
  • The recipient will have served in at least 5 different committees or task forces of the academy
  • Multiple individuals are eligible to be recognized for the award in a single year
  • Individuals who are current members of the APTA Academy of Education Awards Committee, the APTA Academy of Education Board of Directors, the APTA Board of Directors, or APTA Staff are not eligible for this award and may not participate in the nomination process.

* Please note that this award does not have to be given annually. Nominees not selected for the award will not automatically be considered in successive years.