The Feitelberg Journal Founder's Award was initiated by Dr. Samuel Feitelberg, founder of the Journal in 1987.



To acknowledge excellence in publication in the Journal by a first-time author.



The publication nominated must be by a first-time author. A first time author is defined as a sole author or the first author of a multi-authored manuscript who as 3 or less peer reviewed publications.


Procedure for Nomination and Author Selection Process

  1. In November of each calendar year, an Editorial Board Member is appointed by the (Co-)editor-in-chief as that calendar year's awards committee chair.
  2. The awards committee chair will determine what papers published during the present calendar year and those that are accepted for publication AND planned to print in the December issue are eligible for consideration.
  3. The eligible papers list is shared by email with all Editorial Board Members.
  4. All Editorial Board Members are eligible to nominate any additional papers that they believe meet the consideration criteria.
  5. Editorial Board Members then rank order the papers available for consideration, ranking their top, 2nd and 3rd choices by electronic voting, arranged by the awards committee chair.
  6. The awards committee chair tallies the electronic voting and notifies the (Co-)editor-in-chief of results, copying all received votes.
  7. Voting results are maintained by the (Co-)editor-in-chief for a period of 12 months following the award presentation.

Notification of Award

  1. Award winner notified by the (Co-)editor-in-chief of winning by December 8, inquiring that winner is planning to attend CSM.
  2. Presentation of award made by (Co-)editor-in-chief at CSM APTE Business Meeting. Award includes a $300.00 monetary stipend

Past Recipients