The purpose for this award is to recognize an outstanding clinical instructor who demonstrates exceptional skills in teaching, communication, interpersonal relationships, professional competence, mentoring, modeling, and professionalism.



Recipient is a licensed physical therapist (PT) or physical therapist assistant (PTA) currently practicing in the US and its territories with at least one-year of experience as a clinical educator / instructor for PT or PTA students. The PT or PTA must also meet the following criteria:

  • Member of the APTA
  • Supervised a minimum of 3 full-time PT/PTA students
  • Level 1 Credentialed Clinical Instructor



    1. Recipient distinguishes themselves as an outstanding clinical educator through the demonstration of qualities as a clinical educator/instructor, based on established APTA criteria including mentoring, modeling, clinical competence, communication/interpersonal skills, teaching/instructional skills, supervisory and evaluation skills, and professionalism.
    2. The outstanding qualities will be documented through information obtained from student or colleague recommendation forms.
    3. Evidence of life-long learning and commitment to advancing the profession.
    4. Documentation will distinguish and support the "outstanding" qualities of the nominee as compared to that of other clinical educators/instructors.

Individuals who are current members of the Academy of Education Board of Directors, the APTA Board of Directors, or APTA Staff are not eligible for the award and may not participate in the nomination process.

If a nominee was not selected for the award, the nominator may re-submit the same nomination one time only in the next year with the option of updating supporting documents. If the nomination is submitted in subsequent years, the packet must be completely updated.


Past Recipients

  • 2023 - Jennifer A. Dubbert, PT, DPT, MS