Special Opportunity to those interested in professional development as a future association leader

The APTA Centennial Scholars Program, part of APTA’s Centennial Celebration, is designed to build a cadre of future association leaders at both the chapter/section/academy and national levels. APTA designed a 12-month program (January – December 2021) that includes up to 100 scholars, each sponsored by an APTA component. The curriculum will cover association leadership and management topics and be delivered through three face-to-face meetings, regularly scheduled virtual learning experiences and a capstone project defined by the sponsoring organization. Scholars will also benefit from the guidance of Centennial Scholar mentors who will work directly with the scholars in small groups to support the completion of their capstone projects.

The APTA Academy of Education will sponsor one Centennial Scholar to be chosen by application process.

Benefits for Scholars

  • Expand awareness of issues and challenges facing APTA, the Academy of Education, and the association community
  • Increase leadership skills and recognize arenas in which scholar’s unique contributions may be invested
  • Make an immediate positive impact through their capstone projects
  • Network with fellow APTA and Academy of Education leaders on a personal and professional level

Scholar Expectations

  • Scholars should demonstrate a commitment to be a future leader, staying active within the Academy of Education for at least 3-5 years.
  • Scholars must commit to attend the three meeting events (to be held in-person or virtually as needed); if in-person, scholar travel and lodging is included in the program fees paid by the Academy of Education in collaboration with APTA.
  • (1) January 16, 2021: First meeting of scholars and mentors during Founders Day Weekend (New York, NY); (2) April 2021 (exact date TBD): Second meeting of scholars and mentors at APTA’s new headquarters (Alexandria, VA); and (3) September 12, 2021: Third meeting of scholars and mentors during Centennial Gala Weekend (Washington, DC
  • Participation in regularly scheduled virtual learning experiences
  • Scholars will work directly with the Academy of Education on the identified capstone project (see below) that addresses an existing need of the Academy.
  • The capstone must be completed by the end of the Centennial year
  • An average commitment on the scholar’s part of no more than 2-3 hours per month over the course of the year
  • An outcome or ‘deliverable’ that serves the component in some way while also contributing to the development of the scholar

Capstone Project

The Academy’s scholar will use existing archival material from the Academy, APTA and other relevant sources to create what will become a digital, accessible and searchable record of the Academy that will be publicly available (via the Academy website) to document our available history. Such a resource will not only allow us to celebrate our past, but also to ground the Academy’s future decision-making in an understanding of our past experiences.

The project should facilitate the scholar’s understanding of the path and challenges of association development as well as the experiences (and potential effectiveness) of a volunteer organization in serving its constituents and in meeting its evolving mission and goals over time. The project can also contribute to an understanding of the need for and development of information management in a volunteer organization.

Eligibility and Application

Application Deadline: Monday, August 17, 2020 at 8:00 am ET

Expected Selection Notification Date: Monday, August 31, 2020

Eligibility and Application Requirements:



Are you aware of the PTAE SIG webinar series? The PTAE SIG webinar series was designed to assist physical therapy faculty during the abrupt change to remote instruction during the COVID-19 crisis. These webinars were designed to be “live” information sharing and are informal presentations with the intent to collaborate and assist those in need within the education community. The unedited “real time” recordings are provided to assist those that may have been unable to attend due to competing obligations and not intended to be of the same quality of a formal webinar or educational session. 

If you have viewed any of the webinars, please take a moment and complete our quick, 2 minute survey to provide us your feedback. There was such a great response to these Zoom-based webinars, your ideas and thoughts are critical to future webinars and information sharing opportunities. URL: https://forms.gle/uXvWAwJMcn5bbWsy9

Webinar Series 

Past Webinars Recordings



Samantha Stryke, PTA (PTA Clinical Instructor Desert Canyon Post Acute Rehab.)

Jennifer Jewell, PT, DPT (PTAE SIG Chair, ACCE Penn State Shenango)

Carol Beckel, PT, PhD (CE SIG Co-chair, DCE Saint Louis University)

Jamie Bayliss, PT, MPT, DHSc (NCCE Secretary, DCE Mount St. Joseph University)


PTA Leadership

Brendon Larsen, PTA

James Pacini, PTA, MEd

Rebecca (Stevens) Shakoske, PTA, LMT, MA

´╗┐Samantha Stryke, PTA



Addressing the Opioid Problem With Physical Therapy:

´╗┐Advocacy, Education, and Training

Brendon Larsen, PTA

Norman Johnson, PT, DPT, DEd

Rebecca (Stevens) Shakoske, PTA, LMT, MA



“Use of PhysioU in PTA Education ”

Carey Bumgarner Weatherspoon, PT, DPT, CSCS, FMSC (Radford University Carilion)

Laurie Z Daigle, PT, MA (Germanna Community College)

Catherine Ammenti MPT, DCE (Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts)


“Streamline Program Data through Google”

Brad Wood, PTA, BHSc, MATL


Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Student Engagement


Asynchronous Teaching/Learning


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Ellen Price, PT, MEd

PTA Lead Specialist






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Nancy R. Kirsch, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA


Online Gamification Strategies

Marcee Martinez, PT, DPT

Justin Berry, PT, DPT, PhD



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Jennifer Reft, PT, DPT, MS 


Tools that can be Helpful when Teaching Online

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Using the SECTIONS Model to Strategize Technology-Based Instruction in Physical Therapy Education

Jeff Hawk, MDE, MBA, MPT, MS

Anne Reicherter, PT, DPT, PhD



Discussion with Members of the PTA Education Trends Task Force

PTA Education Trends Task Force Report

Becky McKnight PT, MS

Krissa Reeves PTA, MEd

Michelle Avery PTA, MS

Kathy Giffin PTA, MS Ed

Jennifer Jewell PT, DPT

Justin Berry PT, DPT, PhD

Susan Cotterman, PT, MBA