The Residency/Fellowship Education Special Interest Group of the APTA Academy of Education, APTA provides a forum where residency/fellowship faculty including program directors, coordinators and mentors promote excellence in residency education by providing collaborative opportunities for educational research, exploring opportunities for curricular development, enhancing resident clinical reasoning skills and discussing resources available for assessment in residency education.

  • To provide a vehicle for enhancing communication among those invested in residency/fellowship education.
  • To promote cooperative efforts among residency/fellowship programs in advancing and improving curriculum.
  • To serve as a resource for collaboration in research for the advancement of resident/fellowship education.
  • To assist in the advancement of skilled clinical mentorship for all resident/fellowship faculty.

Distinguished Mentor in Residency/Fellowship Education Award is to be given to recognize excellence in Residency/Fellowship mentoring


Award Eligibility / Criteria include

  1. Each recipient will be a Academy of PT Education member who is currently engaged or has demonstrated life-long engagement in residency/fellowship education.
  2. Each recipient will have distinguished himself or herself through excellence in mentoring residents/fellows in an ABPTRFE accredited program.
  3. Each recipient will have distinguished himself or herself in a clinical specialty area as evidenced by mentoring experience, continued education, practice, patient outcomes and/or residency/fellowship outcomes.
  4. Have been engaged in Residency/Fellowship mentoring for at least 3 years

Individuals who are current members of the Academy of Education Board of Directors, the APTA Board of Directors, or APTA Staff are not eligible for the award and may not participate in the nomination process.


Nomination Procedure:

  1. Send ONE PDF file of the nomination packet by email to the Academy Office at with "Distinguished Mentor" in the Subject heading of the email by November 1st at 5pm ET.
  2. Nomination packets must include:
    1. Written nomination letter addressing the characteristics that distinguish the nominee or nominees. The letter should carefully document the ways in which the nominee(s) fulfill(s) the criteria noted above.
    2. A formal resume or curriculum vitae of the nominee which includes biographical information pertaining to major professional activities and accomplishments of the nominee.
    3. Three support letters from Association members, at least two of which are from Academy of PT Education members. These letters should support the nomination letter by providing a personal account of the teaching activities that distinguish the nominee(s). The authors of the support letters must document proof of APTA Membership.
  3. If a nominee was not selected for the award, the nominator may re-submit the same nomination one time only in the next year with the option of updating supporting documents. If the nomination is submitted in subsequent years, the packet must be completely updated.
  4. Any additional materials that accompany the nomination will not be considered by the selection committee.

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Share information here about learning activities/forms from your program that you feel are innovative in the areas identified by our Think Tank (ethics, mentoring, leadership, statistics, clinical reasoning, ). Include your name, email, residency/fellowship name, organization name and a description of the learning materials and how they are used within your program.