The AESIG serves as a forum for those teaching anatomy in physical therapy (PT and PTA) educational programs. We seek to foster awareness of best practices in anatomy education, and to provide anatomy educators with tools to enhance their work. Developing relationships with others teaching anatomy content can provide mentorship to novice faculty, promote research collaboration, and facilitate exchange of ideas. We strive to increase awareness of available resources, and active involvement in the Academy and other anatomy related professional associations.

  • Provide an on-line network for the exchange of information related to physical therapist anatomy education.
  • Foster awareness of best-practice and teaching tools available to physical therapist anatomy educators to enhance the integration and application of the foundational sciences into the development of clinical reasoning skills and physical therapist practice.
  • Coordinate efforts with existing anatomy professional organizations to ensure efficient use of available resources and the dissemination of education-related information and evidence-based anatomical sciences research germane to educators in our field.
  • Foster mentoring relationships between experienced and novice faculty teaching anatomy in physical therapist education programs.
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts in anatomy and anatomy education related research among physical therapist anatomy educators.

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