The PTA Educators SIG serves as the advocate and expert resource for the education and role of the PTA. Members provide leadership, mentorship and expertise in teaching and learning to support all persons concerned with education that ensures PTAs are prepared for contemporary practice.

  • Provide means to increase and improve communication among physical therapist assistant educators.
  • Facilitate and increase opportunities for PTA faculty development and mentoring.
  • Facilitate and improve mentoring opportunities for all persons involved in the education of physical therapist assistants.
  • Advocate for the role of the PTA as the extender of care for the physical therapist within the profession of physical therapy.
  • Promote existing and create additional opportunities for PTA Educator representation in leadership roles at the national level.
  • Communicate and collaborate with physical therapist program educators.
  • Create and promote ways for the PTAE SIG to impact the APTA Academy of Education’s participation and responses to issues related (but not limited) to the education, scope of work, supervision and direction of the PTA at the national level.
  • Serve as a resource body with any/all inquiries related to the education and/or utilization of the physical therapist assistant.

PTAE SIG Summer, Sun and Webinar Surfing!

We made it through this crazy year but Summer is upon us!

If you missed any of the PTAE SIG webinars during the past year, don’t worry!

You can still access these 1-hour webinars on the Academy of Education website.

Take the opportunity this summer as there is no better way to view them than poolside with a tropical beverage!

Our digital library has seven FREE webinars to choose from.

Five of them offering 0.1 CEUs.

You heard right! That is 0.5 CEUs for FREE.

Take advantage of this opportunity as it will not last forever.

Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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