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3 Year Appointment


The Social Media Coordinator works to increase online presence of the Academy using social media strategies. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Establish a consistent and engaging social media presence for the Academy.

Track and monitor use of social media related to the Academy.

Coordinate with At-Large Representative: Communication and Promotion on public relations activities that will benefit members and promote member recruitment.

Attends CSM and ELC to promote Academy-related conference activities and advises all individuals to whom social media postings have been delegated.

Assures compliance with APTA Standards of Conduct in the use of social media.

Please submit a statement of interest with relevant experience.  Your CV/bio should be included with your volunteer profile.


Apointment for 3 year term - Work with current website editor for 1st year, assuming full responsibilities 2nd year.  


The Website Editor serves as liaison between Academy members, officers and the host server coordinator for the Academy of Physical Therapy Education website


The Website Editor is appointed by the President, with Board approval, for a 3-year term. Reappointment is at the discretion of the President.


The Website Editor shall:

  1. Advise Academy officers on website content and design changes.
  2. Educate Academy officers on uses and limitations of the Academy website.
  3. Submit timely reports to the Academy Board of Directors on website access, use and issues related to functionality.
  4. Collaborate with Executive Director to prepare budget for all website related expenses and submit annual budget to the Executive Committee by the established deadline.


  1. Attends the Academy’s Board of Director meetings and the annual business meeting of the Academy held during CSM.
  2. Review, edit and oversee the uploading of submitted content for website viewing (HTML)
  3. Work with Website host in expediting information to the site
  4. Coordinate the Website Work Group should such work group be approved by President.
    1. This work group will consist of 2-3 members who serve in an advisory capacity to assist the Editor as may be needed.
  5. Collaborate with the Executive Director of the Academy in updating website information regarding articles, links and news and removal of outdated materials and links. 
  6. Work closely with the Academy’s Representative-at-Large Communication and Promotion to coordinate activities beneficial to the business and promotion of the Academy.

E.   Reimbursement

  1. The Website Editor shall be reimbursed for actual expenses related to approved activities conducted on behalf of the Academy as listed in the budget approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Reimbursement for expenses shall be consistent with Academy policy.



F.     Orientation of Successor

  1. The outgoing Website Editor shall orient the newly appointed Website Editor prior to the date upon which the new Editor assumes the position.  The outgoing Editor shall orient the incoming Editor in the processes of the website and duties and responsibilities of the Website Editor to assure optimal transitioning for membership and website functionality preservation.
  2. Transition of Website Editors shall be in collaboration with the Academy’s Executive Director.
  3. Orientation of the incoming Website Editor shall include location of all governance documents, functions of committees, SIGs and other appointed Academy leaders as well as records of previous Website Editor’s activities and other material necessary for the smooth transition of operations.

Please submit a statement of interst with relevant experience.  CV/bio should be included with your volunteer profile.





Each year APTE sends one representative to the State Policy and Payment Forum.  The 2020 Forum will be held September 14 in Crystal City, VA.  Information about this event is found at:

Please include your CV and a brief statement of interest if you would like to attend as the APTE representative.  APTA covers travel costs and APTE will cover hotel expenses.




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