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Journal of Physical Therapy Education

Journal of Physical Therapy Education June 2021 Volume 35 Issue 2

Does the Length of Student Physical Therapists' Clinical Educational Experiences Matter?

“Clinical educational experiences (CEEs) comprise approximately 30% of the total credit hours in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) curriculum and are essential to the clinical learning and performance of DPT students to achieve entry-level competence. There are no established standards in DPT education for the length and timing of CEEs to optimize students' clinical learning and performance. The purpose of our investigation was to assess the development of DPT students' clinical learning and performance at 3 DPT programs during 6-, 8-, 9-, and 16-week CEEs.”

Authors: Wolden, Mitch PT, DPT, PhD; Gusman, Lori N. PT, DPT, MS; Drevyn, Elsa PT, DPT; Flom-Meland, Cindy PT, MPT, PhD

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