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2752641 ELC2017 Educational Session Unleashing the Power of “E” View Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson, Barb Tschoepe, Diane Clark
2752573 ELC2017 Posters Effects of Mindfulness training on learning & study strategies of Doctor of Physical Therapy students View Renee Turner, Dr. Jenise Engelke, Dr. Barbara Gresham
2752547 ELC2017 Educational Session Aligning Entry-Level DPT Acute Care Curriculum with Core Competencies and Evidence View Dr. Linda Horn, Dr. Laurie Neely
2752502 ELC2017 Posters Clinical Instructors’ Perception of the Impact of the Problem Based Learning Pillars for Successful Clinical Education Experiences for Doctor of Physical Therapy Students View Rhonda Haley, Dr. Krissy Grubler, Kyle Connery, Cody Giles, David Heinitz
2752476 ELC2017 Posters Facilitating Reflection During an International Clinical Education Experience in South Africa: A Case Study View Debra Bangs
2752441 ELC2017 Posters Demographics of Clients Seen by Doctor Physical Therapy Student’s During Clinical Education Experiences View Dr. Lynn Jeffries
2752421 ELC2017 Posters COMPARISON OF A NOVEL IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK TOOL VS. SCANTRON ON STUDENT RETENTION OF KNOWLEDGE: A PILOT STUDY View Jennifer Dickson, Kristina Reid, Elizabeth Nowinski, Rachel McDonald, Lana Spomer
2752402 ELC2017 Educational Session Beyond the Looking Glass: Learning to See by Threading Health Humanities in the Curriculum View Dr. Susan Klappa, Eric Strong
2752384 ELC2017 Posters Exploring Clinical Education Remediation Strategies View Dr. Laurie Boulware
2752233 ELC2017 Posters Are Changes in Clinical Education Necessary? - Clinicians’ Perspectives View Dr. Lori Madiara, Jared Barilla, Mark Fuse, Alexa Nisiotis
2752075 ELC2017 Educational Session 10 Tips for Mid-Career Professional Development View Karen Huhn, Dr. Patricia Kluding, Patricia McGinnis, Teresa Miller, Susan Wainwright
2752054 ELC2017 Educational Session Called, but Reluctant, to Address Lifestyle Behaviors: A Model to Help View Donald Lein, Diane Clark, Dr. David Morris
2751899 ELC2017 Educational Session Mentoring through Networking: An Innovative and Participatory Model of Empowering Clinical Educators to Advance Student Clinical Reasoning View Dr. Tonya Apke, Janice Howman, Brianne Rice, Dr. Amelia Siles, Sean Gallivan, Dr. Erin Thomas
2751872 ELC2017 Educational Session Train the Trainer: Developing Directors of Clinical Education and Clinical Instructors as Interprofessional Collaboration Champions View Ms. Amber Fitzsimmons, Dr. Beth Davis, Stephen Jernigan, Holly Wise
2751861 ELC2017 Posters A Leadership Development Model Connecting Education and Clinical Environments View Dr. Heidi Eigsti, Dr. Alice Davis
2751842 ELC2017 Educational Session Value in Kind: Creating a Leadership Win View Sharon Kurfuerst, Eric Stewart, Albert Mears, Ellen Wruble Hakim
2751816 ELC2017 Educational Session Simulation on the cheap! Creating an economical, efficient and effective scenario-based patient simulation lab View Dr. Harshavardhan Deoghare, Janet Konecne, Grant Hirayama, Dr. Steven Snyder, Dee Schilling
2751604 ELC2017 Educational Session Historical evolution and impact of non-cognitive assessment in physical therapy admissions View Dr. Patrick Pabian, Samantha Moya, Nicole Dawson, James Sonne, Erin Brown
2751562 ELC2017 Educational Session Interprofessional Education and Clinical Reasoning for Clinical Instructors: What, Why, and How View Myla Quiben, Dr. Brandy Schwarz
2751547 ELC2017 Posters Preparing students to work collaboratively in an acute care environment through an interprofessional simulation experience. View Dr. Chad Lairamore, Clinta Reed, Veronica Rowe
2751501 ELC2017 Posters The Prediction of National Physical Therapy Examination First Time Pass Rates Using Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills Tests View Dr. LaToya Green
2751493 ELC2017 Posters Effect of Repeating Undergraduate Prerequisite Courses on the Academic Performance in Doctor of Physical Therapy Program View Dr. Richard Clark, Yi-Po Chiu
2751406 ELC2017 Educational Session Rethinking Admissions: Impact of Disability Rights / ADA View Ellen Wruble Hakim, Anne Jannarone, Jennifer Becnel-Guzzo, Carrie Foeller
2751398 ELC2017 Educational Session Matching students to clinical sites: Best practice or practice in futility? View Carrie Foeller, Eric Stewart, Dr. Karla Bell, Ellen Wruble Hakim
2751392 ELC2017 Posters Does the GRE Satisfy the Critical Thinking Objective in Physical Therapy Education Admissions? View Dr. Emily Shannon Hughes
2751372 ELC2017 Educational Session Sustaining a culture of assessment: An ongoing systematic analysis of outcomes and benchmarks as part of curricular assessment and planning View Sandy Waller, Dr. Laurie Neely, Dr. Karen Gordes
2751313 ELC2017 Posters Factors that impact DPT admission yield rate View Scott Burns
2751308 ELC2017 Educational Session Hitting the Academic Jackpot with One Interprofessional Community Activity View Dr. David Morris, Donald Lein, Tara Pearce
2751144 ELC2017 Posters "Flipping" for Clinical Reasoning: The Link between the Classroom and the Clinic View Lauren Snowdon, Prof. Genevieve Pinto Zipp, Catherine Maher, Christine Schaub
2751124 ELC2017 Posters What do you need to succeed? Predictors for improving performance on the National Physical Therapy Examination View Kerry Mallini, Anne Boddy, Lisa Nichols, Matthew Daugherty
2751119 ELC2017 Posters Leading and Learning Through an Interprofessional Global Health Pathway View Dr. Nancy Mulligan, Wendy Anemaet, James Nash , Teresa Christensen, Matthew Fete, Ann Gallaway , Sara Jarrett, Cheryl Schwartz
2751106 ELC2017 Educational Session PolicyMap: Digital Humanities tool linking research and practice in Physical Therapy education View Catherine Maher, Prof. Genevieve Pinto Zipp
2751100 ELC2017 Posters A Collaborative Model of Integrated Clinical Education in Physical Therapist Education: Application to the Pediatric Essential Core Competency of Family-Centered Care View Kara Lardinois, Kyle Covington, Dora Gosselin, Dana McCarty, Kathleen Ollendick
2751069 ELC2017 Educational Session But can you Improvise?: Using Improvisation Exercises to Develop and Remediate Communication and Problem Solving Skills in Physial Therapy Students View Janet Konecne
2751045 ELC2017 Educational Session Integrating IV STEP Pearls into Entry-Level Education View Prof. Genevieve Pinto Zipp, Jane Sullivan, Nancy Fell, Deborah Larsen, john buford, cindy miles, sally westcott, Kristie Bjornson, Ann VanSant
2751006 ELC2017 Educational Session Interprofessional Education Apprehensions in Physical Therapy Education View Dr. Paul Wiener
2750961 ELC2017 Educational Session The Consortium for Humanities Ethics and Professionalism invited presentation: The Invisible Elephant Project by Marina Tsaplina View Marina Tsaplina, Dr. Jennifer Hastings
2750909 ELC2017 Posters International Educational Opportunities for Neurologic Residents View Dr. Suzanna Okere, Dr. Steven Spivey, Gwendolyn Cariker
2750824 ELC2017 Educational Session Developing Advocacy Skills in Entry-Level DPT Students View Dr. Laurie Neely, Dr. Linda Horn
2750807 ELC2017 Educational Session How Fast Are You Running to 'Keep in the Same Place'? Using Evidence-Based Learning Strategies to Free PT and PTA Curricula from the ‘Red Queen's Trap’ View Dr. Elisa Zuber, Jeanne Smith, Amy Garrigues
2750778 ELC2017 Educational Session Motivating Milllennials to Lead View Dr. Angel Holland
2750701 ELC2017 Educational Session The Reflective Clinician: Specific Reflection Techniques to Enhance Student Learning in the Clinical Setting View Ms. Lisa Giallonardo
2750419 ELC2017 Educational Session Interprofessional education collaboration beyond rehabilitation medicine: The how to of planning for success utilizing an IPE simulated emergency as a case example. View Dr. Angela MacCabe, Barbara Stolle , Melissa Castillo , Nichole Higgins, Kari Potter, Alycia Brantz
2750353 ELC2017 Posters Is Grit a key factor in DPT program retention and success? View Jennifer Ellison, Katy Mitchell, Jennifer Bogardus, Peggy Gleeson
2750288 ELC2017 Educational Session Inter-University Exploration of the Collaborative Model in Physical Therapy Clinical Education: the Impact on the Clinical Instructor Experience. View Dr. Alice Davis, Shelene Thomas, Katherine Myers, Catherine Bilyeu
2750208 ELC2017 Educational Session A Scholarly Approach to Including Humanities in DPT Education View Cynthia Dodds, Ms. Amber Fitzsimmons, Donna Smith
2750154 ELC2017 Educational Session Using FSBPT Tools and Reports for Curriculum Development and Student Remediation for the NPTE. View Lorin Mueller, Thomas Mohr, Richard Woolf, Jeanne Cook
2749926 ELC2017 Educational Session Making the Case for Holistic Admissions: Perspectives from Dentistry (ADEA), Medicine (AAMC), and Nursing (AACN) View Carolyn Booker, Vernell Dewitty, Sarah Conrad, Steven Chesbro
2749905 ELC2017 Posters Interprofessional Education in Action: Use of the IPEC Core Competencies in a Community Falls Clinic View Christine Lysaght, Jennifer Radloff, Stokes Kim, Young Kim
2749867 ELC2017 Educational Session Integrating Narrative Stories into Evidence-Based Case Study Frameworks: Blending Art and Science in Physical Therapy Education View Amy Both
2749836 ELC2017 Educational Session Behind the Curtain: Enhancing Clinical Reasoning through Effective Clinical Mentoring in Acute Care Practice View Dr. Sharon Gorman, Dr. Erin Thomas, Tonya Apke, Christopher Maurer
2749833 ELC2017 Posters Attitudes of Able- bodied Physical Therapists Towards Physical Therapists with Mobility Impairments View Prof. James Brennan
2749236 ELC2017 Posters Beyond PICO, CAT Walks, and Journal Clubs, Cinematography Connects Students to EBP View Dr. Susan Klappa, Eric Strong, Brian Wienk, Matt Dewald, Dr. Heidi Nelson, Patrick Hauer, Jason Adams, Patrick Cross, Meggen Lloyd
2749179 ELC2017 Posters Will a structured 6-week module of Motivational Interviewing (MI) improve the level of empathy in 2nd year physical therapy students? View Phyllis Heyne-Lindholm, Tara Haj DPT
2749145 ELC2017 Educational Session Music, dance, evidence, education. Getting students and older adults moving in the "Key of G" View christine childers
2749133 ELC2017 Educational Session Setting them up for success: Using diverse interprofessional curricular experiences to prepare students for interprofessional practice during clinical internships. View Dr. Karen Gordes, Sandy Waller, Dr. Laurie Neely, Dr. Linda Horn
2748999 ELC2017 Educational Session Overcoming Fear of Feedback: Engaging for Improved Performance and Relationships View Dr. Elizabeth Regan, Jennifer Cline
2748992 ELC2017 Educational Session Assessment to support program quality and development: An ACAPT Initiative to Foster Educational Excellence through Benchmarking View Dr. Barbara Tschoepe, Peter Altenburger, Amy Heath, Kimberly Topp, Dee Schilling, Jacklyn Brechter, Diane Jette
2748910 ELC2017 Educational Session We won’t be silos Anymore! How A Multi-Patient Interprofessional Simulation is Designed to Change Practice View Dr. Erin Thomas, Georgianna Sergakis, Lisa Rohrig, Marcia Nahikian-Nelms, Julie Legg, Carolyn McClerking, Beth Liston, Janice Wilcox, Christin Ray, Jill Clutter, Lisa Raiz
2748885 ELC2017 Posters Enhancing PT/PTA Professional Relationships through Intraprofessional Collaboration View Brad Profitt, Neil Evans, Dr. Duane Davis, Gretchen Pfost, Travis Carlton, Kelly Terry, Ryan Walker
2748830 ELC2017 Posters Does Method of Instruction Impact Entry-level DPT Students' Orthopaedic Competency? View Antoinette Spector, Carrie Truebenbach
2748794 ELC2017 Educational Session Acute Care Competencies: Enhancing Didactic and Clinical Education View Dr. Eric Sawyer, Amy Nordon-Craft
2748786 ELC2017 Educational Session Questions that Work: The Key to Cultivating Student Success in the Clinic View Marisa Birkmeier, Margaret Plack
2748681 ELC2017 Posters Reading Comprehension as an Admissions Criteria in an Entry-Level Physical Therapist Education Program: Correlation between the Nelson Denny Reading Test and the GRE View Ann Wilson, Dr. Jennifer Hastings
2748601 ELC2017 Educational Session What Makes a 2-Year DPT Model Work? Innovations, Lessons Learned and Outcomes from a Charter Cohort View Dr. Michael Walker, Tim Noteboom
2748539 ELC2017 Posters Geriatric Outreach and Training with Care (GOT Care!): An Innovative Interprofessional Clinical Training Project View Dr. Susan Glenney, PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA
2748529 ELC2017 Educational Session Using the Visual Arts to Stimulate Reflection and Growth in Physical Therapy Students View Karen McIntyre, Jane Keehan
2748224 ELC2017 Posters “StoryCorps Rehab”: Using oral narratives to foster engaged listening in the clinic and classroom View Dr. Sarah Blanton, Donna Smith, Emma Goldberg
2748137 ELC2017 Educational Session Facilitating Interprofessional Education through the Lens of Health Humanities. View Dr. Sarah Blanton, Dr. Nancy Kirsch, Bruce greenfield, Emma Goldberg, Zoher Kapasi, Gail Jensen
2748088 ELC2017 Educational Session The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Critical Challenges and Opportunities in Physical Therapy Education and Research View Gail Jensen, Laurita Hack, Dr. Terrence Nordstrom, Diane Jette, Rebecca Craik, Sharon Dunn, Bill Boissonnault
2748080 ELC2017 Posters Development of an integrated clinical experience combining a Spanish course and pro-bono clinic participation for physical therapy students View Dr. Elsa Drevyn, Neva Kirk-Sanchez, Teresa Glynn, Johanna Segura
2747834 ELC2017 Posters Student Perceptions of How Their Didactic Interprofessional Education (IPE) Influenced Their Interprofessional Collaborative (IPC) Clinical Experience Practice View Dr. Pamela Reynolds, Ms. Andrea Kessler
2747813 ELC2017 Posters Students’ Perceptions of Clinical Use of Differential Diagnosis Based on Discussion Board Responses: What Can We Learn? View Dr. Janelle O'Connell, Dr. Mary Lou Garrett, Celeste Burkett, Taylor Lunsford, Robert Ramos, Amber Shook
2747676 ELC2017 Educational Session PTNow Hear This: Promoting Evidence-Based Practice to Augment Clinical Reasoning View Dr. E. Reicherter, Hilary Greenberger, Janette Scardillo
2747626 ELC2017 Posters Students’ Perceptions of Clinical Dilemmas Based on Discussion Board Responses: What Can We Learn? View Dr. Mary Lou Garrett, Dr. Janelle O'Connell, Taylor Lunsford, Celeste Burkett, Robert Ramos, Amber Shook
2747605 ELC2017 Posters Students’ Perceptions of Clinical Instructor Feedback Based on Discussion Board Responses: What Can We Learn? View Dr. Mary Lou Garrett, Dr. Janelle O'Connell, Robert Ramos, Taylor Lunsford, Amber Shook, Celeste Burkett
2747600 ELC2017 Educational Session Student Readiness: Working with the Challenging or Exceptional Student View Dr. Carla Huggins, Tracy Wright
2747469 ELC2017 Posters A virtual intercultural experience consulting on a patient case View Jean Weaver, Brandon Koehler
2747459 ELC2017 Educational Session EDGE-ucation 2.0: Moving forward the value of physical therapy View Dr. Marghuretta Bland, Dorian Rose, Prof. Genevieve Pinto Zipp, Nancy Byl, Carmen Capo-Lugo, Heather Dillon Anderson, Michele Sulwer, Rie Yoshida
2747050 ELC2017 Educational Session Transforming Physical Therapist Clinical Education for 21st Century Practice: Findings of the APTA Best Practice in Clinical Education Task Force View Kathleen Mairella, Dr. Lisa Johnston, Dr. William McGehee, Christopher Meachem, Colette Pientok , Mary Jane Rapport, Dr. Robert Rowe
2746872 ELC2017 Educational Session The Jar of Truthiness: Developing Leaders with Integrity View Nathan Brown, Amanda Lalonde, Dr. Sarah Luna
2746753 ELC2017 Educational Session Integration of the Humanities: Infusion of Faith and Reason into a Physical Therapy Curriculum View Mary Dockter, Lauren Emmel, Heather Lundeen
2745830 ELC2017 Educational Session Epic fails, lessons learned and strategies for the CCCE (Parts I and II) View Dr. Vicki LaFay, Mary Ellen Dougherty, Jill Dungey, Pragati Duttaroy, Megan Freeland, Dr. Nicki Silberman, Angela Stolfi
2745822 ELC2017 Posters Clinical Decision-making in DPT Graduates Completing a Yearlong Terminal Internship Compared with DPT Graduates Who Do Not View Kelly Macauley, Tracy Brudvig, Keith Hallbourg
2745767 ELC2017 Educational Session Walking the Talk: Student-Run Pro Bono Services Fostering Leadership and Advocacy Skills in the Next Generation of Physical Therapists View Robin Dole, Ellen Erdman, Schiller Martha, Anne Kloos, Marka Salsberry, Dr. Jill Black
2745461 ELC2017 Educational Session Teaching for Learning: Applying Current Research To Improve Learning for Your Students View Todd Zakrajsek, Dr. Sara Maher
2745374 ELC2017 Educational Session Mental Health and the DPT Student: Retention Strategies for Successful Outcomes View Jennifer Ellison, Peggy Gleeson, Colleen Gleeson
2744484 ELC2017 Educational Session Positive Peer Pressure and Peer Mentoring for Physical Therapy Faculty View Dr. Patricia Kluding, Catherine Siengsukon, Susan Wainwright
2743563 ELC2017 Posters The Art of Chronic Pain: Using Medical Humanities to Reduce Implicit Bias & Cultivate Empathy in Physical Therapy Students View Dr. Jennifer Kish, Nathan Brown, Dr. Sarah Luna
2742931 ELC2017 Educational Session Raising the bar - Empowering students to provide altruistic and compassionate care in a pro-bono, neuromuscular, mentored integrated clinical experience. View Dr. Gail Stern, Tara Maroney, Diane O'Sullivan
2742661 ELC2017 Educational Session Holistic Admissions in Action: Case Examples from Dentistry and Medicine View Jack Dillenberg, Andria Williams, Michael de Arellano, Dr. Steven Chesbro
2742238 ELC2017 Educational Session It Takes a Village: Tiered Mentorship for Development of URM in PT View Dr. Vanneta Kennedy, Mya Shackleford
2741301 ELC2017 Educational Session Pathways to the PhD: The Future of the Academy View Dr. John Buford, Deborah givens, Julius Dewald, James Gordon
2740980 ELC2017 Educational Session Management of Modern-Day Physical Therapy Program Admissions: A Reconstructed Approach Using Enhanced Communication and Collaboration View Dr. Beth Ennis, Jordan Wiehebrink
2740956 ELC2017 Educational Session The 2:1 Model of Clinical Education: Debunking Myths with Data View Eric Stewart, Kristy Recek, Carly Funk, Michele Uhler, Ellen Wruble Hakim
2740947 ELC2017 Educational Session If you Build It, They will Come: Advocacy in the Development of a Community Learning-Spaced Clinic in a PTA Program View Dr. Suzanne Reese
2740394 ELC2017 Educational Session Catalysts for and detractors from interprofessional learning during physical therapy internships. View Shelene Thomas
2740297 ELC2017 Educational Session Translating Interprofessional Education to Interprofessional Practice: Creating a Culture of Team Based Care View Michelle Gorman, Carly Funk, Naomi Price-Miller, Dr. Laurie Neely
2740038 ELC2017 Posters Patient Perceptions Regarding Quality of Care and the Patient Experience in a Student-Led Pro-Bono Clinic View Jody Eckert
2740029 ELC2017 Educational Session Making Evidence look like Art-Applying Psychologically Informed Care for better outcomes while being perceived as having the midas touch View Tara Manal
2739822 ELC2017 Educational Session Affective Domain Development: Incorporating Empowerment Education Principles and Activities View Karen Sawyer, Janet Readinger, Dr. Susan Tomlinson, Christina Kocol
2739489 ELC2017 Posters Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) Confidence Assessment of Doctor of Physical Therapist Students and Doctor of Nursing Practice Students Following an Interprofessional Phone Call Experience View Karen Berg, Erica Sherman, Denise Cooper, Megan Keiser
2737244 ELC2017 Educational Session Teaching Leadership and Advocacy in DPT Curricula - A Necessary Skill to Transform Society View Dr. Rupal Patel, John Heick, Ira Gorman
2736466 ELC2017 Educational Session A framework for global engagement in DPT education: creating advocates through authentic and ethical experiences View Prof. Maureen Helgren, Erin Sabato, Dr. Julie Booth, Rose Flammang
2736296 ELC2017 Educational Session PTA Bachelor of Science Degree - Development and Assessment Case Report View Dr. Erin Faraclas, Rhodri Purcell, Susan Cotterman
2736074 ELC2017 Educational Session Implementing Exercise is Medicine® into Physical Therapy Curricula View Dr. Shawn Drake, Marilyn Moffat
2734345 ELC2017 Posters Impact of the Interview Process on student decision making when choosing a Physical Therapy Program View Dr. Elsa Drevyn, Lori Gusman, Helen Masin, Neva Kirk-Sanchez, Michelle Raya, Jhelane Vega
2733510 ELC2017 Educational Session Mindfulness and Leadership: Follow-up from the Webinar View Janet Bezner, Dr. Nannette Hyland
2528085 ELC2016 Educational Session A Brave New World in PT Education: A Case for Variance Reduction in Instruction View Dr. Steven Tepper, Dr. Mary Blackinton, Ellen Wruble Hakim
2527725 ELC2016 Platforms Outcomes of Content Re-sequencing in a Human Gross Anatomy Course in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program View Teressa Brown, Alia Sullivan
2527718 ELC2016 Educational Session TITLE: Threading educational partnerships throughout the curriculum to improve physical therapy PT/PTA team effectiveness. View Allison Kellish
2527711 ELC2016 Educational Session Modeling Wound Care Literally and Figuratively: Making and Using Models to Teach Wound Care View Cynthia Robinson
2527701 ELC2016 Educational Session Leading through Change and Conflict View Dr. Barbara Tschoepe, Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson, Diane Clark
2527699 ELC2016 Educational Session Cultivating Respect and Candor in the Workplace View Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson, Janet Bezner, Ira Gorman
2527694 ELC2016 Educational Session Visioning and Implementing a Sustainable Clinical Education Program within a Large Health Care Network View Ellen Wruble Hakim, Diana Johnson, Eric Stewart
2527687 ELC2016 Educational Session “Why?”: The Question of all Questions to Promote Clinical Reasoning Amongst Students and Clinicians View Eric Stewart, Gabrielle Steinhorn, Jessica Rossi, Ellen Wruble Hakim
2527685 ELC2016 Educational Session Utilizing Virtual Simulation to Develop Communication Skills of Physical Therapy Students View Jennifer Tucker, Dr. Patrick Pabian, Matthew Taylor, Claire Donehower, Lisa Dieker
2527684 ELC2016 Platforms Integrating a Flipped Teaching Approach into a Clinic-Based Student Lecture Series View Lauren Snowdon, Christine Schaub
2527683 ELC2016 Educational Session Leadership: The Key to Excellence in Physical Therapist Education: Recommendations from the Physical Therapy Education for the 21st Century Study. View Dr. Terrence Nordstrom, Laurita Hack, Gail Jensen, Janet Gwyer, Elizabeth Mostrom
2527682 ELC2016 Educational Session Optimizing Educational Outcomes: Applying Cognitive Load Theory to Instructional Design View Susan Grieve, Dr. Nicole Christensen
2527649 ELC2016 Educational Session Optimizing Clinical Reasoning Using Team-based Learning View Dr. Andi Beth Mincer
2527638 ELC2016 Educational Session Creating Movement System Experts – What Does it Take? View Dr. Suzy Cornbleet, Cheryl Caldwell, Nancy Bloom, Jennifer Stith
2527628 ELC2016 Platforms Leading Your Learning – A Framework to Guide Development of Students’ Professional Practice Education Objectives View Chad Jackson, Jaime Gonzalez
2527615 ELC2016 Platforms Cumulative Integrated Practical Examinations as a Model for Assessment and Provision of Formative and Summative Feedback View Kimberly Nowakowski, Deborah Pelletier, Elizabeth Montemagni, Kathleen Pappas, Angela Campbell
2527603 ELC2016 Educational Session CARE 2.0: The Benefits and Barriers of ICE View Kimberly Beran-Shepler, Christopher Rakoczy, Steve Sullivan
2527596 ELC2016 Platforms Professional Behavior Report Cards: A Method of Integrating Assessment and Development of Affective Skills Throughout a DPT Curriculum. View Deborah Pelletier, Kimberly Nowakowski, Kathleen Pappas, Elizabeth Montemagni, Angela Campbell
2527590 ELC2016 Educational Session Integrated Clinical Experience Goes To Trinidad View Elaine Becker, Marilyn Moffat
2527585 ELC2016 Platforms IPE: A community based, multi-institutional approach View Kimberly Beran-Shepler, Deb Poling
2527539 ELC2016 Educational Session Mentoring through Performance Failure- Classroom to Clinic to Residency View Tara Manal, Airelle Hunter Giordano, Laura Schmitt
2527511 ELC2016 Platforms Data driven decision-making in a DPT program: In search of excellence in physical therapy education. View Dr. Dawn Roller, Prof. Barbara Crane, Michael Wininger
2527496 ELC2016 Educational Session Imaging Instruction: Classroom to Expanding Clinical Practice View Dr. Charles Hazle, Dr. Aimee Klein, Dr. Robert Boyles, Dr. Brian Young
2527484 ELC2016 Platforms The Use of Video Projects to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement in a PTA Program View Dr. Renee Borromeo, Daniel Dandy
2527480 ELC2016 Educational Session Reach for the Stars: Facilitating Faculty Research View Dr. Mary Shall, Richard Segal, Stuart Binder-Macleod, Julius Dewald
2527470 ELC2016 Platforms What's Wrong With Warren? Highlighting the Physical Therapy Perspective of a Dynamic Interdisciplinary Case. View Dr. Laurie Farroni
2527451 ELC2016 Platforms Under the Radar: Using ICE as a tool in determining student clinical readiness in a large cohort of PT students. View Tracy Wall, Sarah Ferrero
2527445 ELC2016 Platforms Validation Process of a Clinical Decision-making Tool for use in Physical Therapy Education Across the Continuum View Tracy Brudvig, Kelly Macauley
2527404 ELC2016 Educational Session Excellence in EBP Education: Threading the Section on Research EBP Curricular Guidelines into Classrooms, Clinical Experiences and Practice View Sandra Kaplan, Julie Tilson
2527391 ELC2016 Educational Session Transforming Physical Therapy Residencies: An Integrated Model Innovative Partnerships View Dr. Sara Kraft, Elizabeth Wonsetler, Eric Monsch, Dr. Mark Bowden
2527350 ELC2016 Platforms The integration of contemporary active learning strategies for teaching specialty practice content View Dr. Heather Knight, Lisa Black, Kelly Nelson
2527293 ELC2016 Platforms Beyond Acute Care: Using Interprofessional Simulation Throughout a DPT Curriculum View Kristin Greenwood, Dr. Sheri Kiami, Maura Iversen, Alycia Markowski, Alicia Canali, Mary Hickey
2527226 ELC2016 Educational Session Innovative Business Education for an Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Physical Therapy Classroom and Clinic View Dr. Beth Davis, Zoher Kapasi
2527179 ELC2016 Educational Session Building our Educational Research Capacity: How do we Strengthen our Foundation? View Gail Jensen, Dr. Terrence Nordstrom, Christine McCallum, Richard Segal
2527163 ELC2016 Platforms Assessment and Outcomes of a Day-Long Interprofessional Education (IPE) Learning Event View Teressa Brown, Justin Ako, Julie France, Mark Riddle, Reza Taheri, Heather Thomas
2527096 ELC2016 Platforms Strengthening the Academic-Practice Partnership to Support Interprofessional Clinical Education View Dr. Leslie Portney, Gaurdia Banister, Linda Andrist, Carmen Vega-Barachowitz, Maureen Schnider, Fitzgerald Patricia
2527083 ELC2016 Educational Session Development and Implementation of an Innovative Model for Inter-professional Education View Dr. Jill Horbacewicz, Rivka Molinsky, Steven Blaustein, Alexander Lopez, Sondra Middleton, Sandra Russo
2527079 ELC2016 Platforms Block scheduling: What is it, how does it work, and what does it mean for our students? View Dr. Heidi Nelson
2527020 ELC2016 Platforms Defending the art of physical therapy View Nicole Brun-Cotton, Danny McMillian, Dr. Jennifer Hastings
2526996 ELC2016 Platforms The Multiple-Mini Interview: A Noncognitive Assessment Model for Physical Therapist Education View Dr. Matthew Nuciforo
2526988 ELC2016 Educational Session Preparing Students for a Changing Health Care Environment: Integrating Evidence-Based Practice and Performance Improvement View Dr. Alexandra Gil, M Kathleen Kelly, James Irrgang
2526982 ELC2016 Educational Session Following the Map for Clinical Instructor Success in ICE View Katherine Myers, Kyle Covington
2526968 ELC2016 Platforms Use of social media to create a personal learning environment in a professional issues class. View Dr. Kristen Karnish
2526765 ELC2016 Platforms Making it Real: Can Simulation Improve Physical and Occupational Therapy Student Confidence and Skills for in-patient environments? View Dr. Timothy Miller, Dr. Mary Blackinton, Dennis McCarthy , Dixie Pennington
2526750 ELC2016 Educational Session Clinical Teaching is More Than Telling View Dr. Julie DeVahl, Dr. Loretta Dillon, Laura Boas
2526748 ELC2016 Educational Session Navigating the CPI and CSIF for Optimal Outcomes Reporting View Susan Tomlinson, Greg Awarski
2526699 ELC2016 Platforms Teaching Clinical Reasoning Using a Master Class Format View Dr. Mark Erickson
2526672 ELC2016 Platforms Learning Research Methods and Statistics using blended-learning approach – a mixed method to evaluate students’ experience and perception View Dr. Doris Chong, Veronika Schoeb, Marco Pang
2526652 ELC2016 Educational Session Identifying and Capitalizing on Interprofessional Teachable Moments: From Classroom to Clinic View Ms. Amber Fitzsimmons, Beth Davis, Holly Wise, Stephen Jernigan
2526617 ELC2016 Platforms Self-directed Learning in Human Anatomy: Assessing the Outcome View Amy Heath, Alia Sullivan, Teressa Brown
2526551 ELC2016 Platforms Skating on thin ICE: Clinical performance of students with minimal ICE prior to terminal clinical internships View Dr. Robin Galley
2526538 ELC2016 Platforms Integration and Assessment of Evidence-based Practice Principles throughout a DPT curriculum View Deanne Fay, Dr. James Lynskey, Dr. Lori Bordenave, Tara McIsaac, Dr. James Roush, Dr. Tawna Wilkinson
2526537 ELC2016 Platforms Fostering Excellence in Interprofessional Communication and Clinical Reasoning Utilizing High Fidelity Human Simulation View Ms. Chris Sebelski, Kim Levenhagen
2526479 ELC2016 Platforms Welcome to the Real World: Integrated Clinical Experiences in the First Year of a Physical Therapy Program View Dr. Jason Rucker, Yvonne Colgrove, Lisa Stehno-Bittel
2526467 ELC2016 Educational Session Mind Mapping: An instructional strategy to promote integration of knowledge for patient-center care View Catherine Maher, Prof. Genevieve Pinto Zipp
2526329 ELC2016 Educational Session Strategies for Developing Clinical Reasoners: Facilitating Learning in Didactic, Clinical, and Residency Education View Dr. Nicole Christensen, Lisa Black, Judith Gale, Gail Jensen
2526311 ELC2016 Platforms Development of an Instrument to Predict the Likelihood of Pursuing Residency Training among Doctor of Physical Therapy Students View Dr. Raine Osborne, Daniel Dinsmore, Amanda Pascale
2526290 ELC2016 Educational Session Waiting for nationwide participation in SARA: What do you need to know? View Dr. Kathryn Nesbit, Sandra Reina-Guerra
2526287 ELC2016 Educational Session An Evidence-Supported Approach to Engaging Students in Classroom, Clinic, and Computer-Based Environments View Dr. Michael Lebec
2526252 ELC2016 Platforms Exploring the Experiences of Success among First-year Students Enrolled in a Public Physical Therapist Education Program: Pilot Study View Thuha Hoang
2526201 ELC2016 Educational Session Cardboard Collaborations: An Innovative Hybrid Approach to IPE in Pediatrics View Dr. Carolyn Moore, Pamela Stephenson
2526159 ELC2016 Educational Session How do you know and use what you see? Visual analysis of movement as a fundamental skill in physical therapy. View Elissa Held Bradford, Ann Hayes, Ms. Chris Sebelski
2526140 ELC2016 Educational Session Novel partnerships for interprofessional education: Building collaborations between information systems students specializing in 3D technology and physical therapy students View Dr. Karen Gordes, Sandy McCombe Waller
2526132 ELC2016 Educational Session Integrating and assessing the new CAPTE interprofessional education standards in the clinic View Dr. Cheryl Resnik, Dr. Debora Brown, Samantha Brown, Robert Nithman, Ellen Price
2526102 ELC2016 Platforms Assessing DPT student participation across the curriculum View Scott Burns, Jane Fagan
2526026 ELC2016 Educational Session Progressive Clinical Reasoning throughout a DPT curriculum View Scott Burns, Jane Fagan, Rebecca Vernon
2526019 ELC2016 Platforms An innovative multiple sclerosis education program improves self-rated competencies in physical therapy students View Dr. Lisa Johnston, Angela Rosenberg, Diane Meyer, Kaye Gooch, Prudence Plummer
2525930 ELC2016 Platforms Analysis of OT and PT Student Observations Using Interprofessional Collaborative Practice during Clinical Practicums View Dr. Debora Brown, Hazel Breland, Jennifer Bailey
2525888 ELC2016 Educational Session Exploring the Residency Partnership Model for Learning (RPML) between Academicians and Neurologic Physical Therapy Residents to Expand Clinical Reasoning View Prof. Genevieve Pinto Zipp
2525880 ELC2016 Platforms Evidence-Based Teaching: An Association Study Between NPTE First-Time Pass Score and Elements of Graduate Didactics in Musculoskeletal Systems Course View Dr. John Leard, Michael Wininger
2525801 ELC2016 Educational Session DPT Student Perceptions about Developing Mentoring Skills: A Progressive Model View Cheryl Babin, Dr. Janna Kucharski-Howard, Constance Inacio, Linda Tsoumas
2525709 ELC2016 Platforms Analysis of Clinical Instructors Level of Agreement to Interpret Supportive Comments on the Clinical Performance Instrument View Prof. Anne-Marie Dupre, Ellen Wetherbee-McDevitt, Maria Cusson, Diana Kenney, Richard Feinn
2525681 ELC2016 Educational Session Interprofessional Patient Management Competition: A Unique IPE Experience View Dr. Linda Horn, Dr. Laurie Neely, James Trovato
2525662 ELC2016 Platforms "In all of our differences we are humanly similar”: International service learning and interprofessional education in Ecuador View Audrey Johnson, Dana Howell
2525594 ELC2016 Educational Session Preparing Clinicians to Be Effective Interprofessional Clinical Instructors: A Faculty Development Workshop View Dr. Leslie Portney, Mary Knab, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Ann Jampel, Carmen Vega-Barachowitz, Rebecca Santos Inzana, Trish Zeytoonjian
2525502 ELC2016 Educational Session A Comprehensive, Experiential Learning Model of ICE: It Is So Much More Than Observation View Dr. Janna Kucharski-Howard, Cheryl Babin
2525499 ELC2016 Educational Session The NPTE Research Agenda and How It Can Help Your Program View Lorin Mueller, David Relling, Richard Woolf
2525187 ELC2016 Educational Session Evidence-Based Teaching in Clinical Education View Dr. Tara Dickson, Dr. Brandy Schwarz, Linda Csiza
2525177 ELC2016 Platforms The Use of Virtual Reality Dissection Table and Mobile Anatomy Applications in Physical Therapy Anatomy Education View Dr. Steven Snyder, Carlo Clado, Joyce-Marie Librando
2524974 ELC2016 Platforms Stakeholder perceptions of a novel student clinical internship in physical therapy research lab View Mrs. Lori Hochman, Dr. Nicki Silberman, Carol Recker-Hughes
2524851 ELC2016 Platforms An interdisciplinary, practice-based educational model for meeting student and hospital needs through partnership: the pilot year. View Mary Thigpen, Tracy Wright, Kevin Gohman
2524836 ELC2016 Educational Session Click Here! E-Learning Modules for Innovative Instruction and Learning View Nikki Sleddens, Betsy Becker, Sara Bills
2524260 ELC2016 Platforms Leaving Something Behind: Developing partnerships between medically underserved international communities and physical therapist students for mutual benefit. View Carrie Hawkins, Patricia Gillette
2523996 ELC2016 Educational Session CSM: Maximizing the Student's Experience View Ms. Maryleen Jones, Dr. Roberta O'Shea
2523917 ELC2016 Platforms Leadership in the American Physical Therapy Association: The Experience of Early Career Physical Therapy Professionals View Dr. Lori Bordenave, Melissa Tovin, Dr. Mary Blackinton, Jennifer Canbek
2523766 ELC2016 Platforms Multi-Rater Assessment of Student Communication Skills Using the Gap-Kalamazoo in a Simulated Encounter View Carol Recker-Hughes, Gary Brooks, Neville Kevin, Amber Hansel
2523710 ELC2016 Educational Session Surviving and Inspiring the Generation Y Physical Therapy Student View Dr. Angel Holland, Nathan Jowers
2523565 ELC2016 Platforms Physical Therapist Student Difficulty in Clinical Education: Incidence and Outcomes View Dr. Nicki Silberman, Dr. Vicki LaFay, Ruth Lyons Hansen, Patricia Fay
2523160 ELC2016 Platforms Achieving American Geriatric Society Competencies in the Care of Older Adults Using an Interprofessional / Multidisciplinary, Service-Learning Model View Dr. Shawn Drake, Linda Tate, JoAnna Cupp, Beverly Parker, Annette Bedner
2522364 ELC2016 Platforms Utilization of the Student Interview: Benefits for the Academic Institution, Student, and Clinical Site View Carly Funk, Dr. Laurie Neely, Amanda Blorstad
2522022 ELC2016 Platforms Clinical Instructors’ Interpretation of the Clinical Performance Definition of Entry-Level Performance: A Qualitative Analysis View Ellen Wetherbee-McDevitt, Mary Beth Holmes, Dr. Christopher Cesario, Dr. Janna Kucharski-Howard, Adrienne McAuley
2521725 ELC2016 Platforms Clinical Reasoning: Concept Analysis View Dr. Karen Huhn, Lisa Black, Dr. Nicole Christensen, Dr. Sarah Gilliland, Susan Wainwright, Gail Jensen
2521539 ELC2016 Platforms Using the Knowledge to Action Cycle to Implement Evidenced Based Pain Competencies Into Pre-Licensure Entry-Level Physical Therapy Curriculum. View Ellen Lowe, Prof. James Mathews, Annie Burke-Doe, Anna Edwards, Chris Ingstad, Chistopher Ivey, Steve Laslovich, Kristen Johnson, Kayla Smith, Jonathan Warren
2520548 ELC2016 Platforms Developing an Interprofessional Perspective Through Problem-Based Learning View Holly Clynch, Susan Nelson
2520272 ELC2016 Educational Session Clinical Education Summit Strategic Initiatives: Updates and Ideas View Dr. Shawne Soper, Dr. Mia Erickson, Dr. Jean Timmerberg, Christine McCallum, Ellen Wetherbee-McDevitt, Jamie Bayliss
2520071 ELC2016 Platforms Assessment of Interprofessional Communication between Nursing and Physical Therapy Students during a Laboratory Simulation Experience View Dalerie Lieberz, Samantha Mohn-Johnsen, Jeffrey Kittelson, SueAnne Mattson
2520018 ELC2016 Educational Session Improving Teaching with a Solid Theoretical Foundation View Dr. Sarah Gilliland, Dr. Karen Huhn, Susan Wainwright, Thuha Hoang
2519927 ELC2016 Educational Session Utilization of integrated clinical education experiences to foster interprofessional education in a clinical setting View Dr. Patrick Pabian, Jennifer Tucker, Jamie Dyson
2519874 ELC2016 Educational Session Implementing a mixed-methods analytical approach to admissions in physical therapy education View Nicole Dawson, Dr. Patrick Pabian, Samantha Moya
2519870 ELC2016 Educational Session Innovative Admissions Practices Using WebAdMIT View Ms. Libby Ross, Matthew Nuciforo, Susan Wainwright, Michelle Gutierrez
2519864 ELC2016 Platforms Interprofessional Simulation in Physical Therapist Student Clinical Experience Orientation View Dr. Christopher Meachem, Krista Van Der Laan, Kathleen Fisher
2519571 ELC2016 Educational Session Transforming Society through Leadership Development: A Call to Action View Dr. Cathy Ciolek, Amelia Arundale, Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson, Frederick Gilbert
2519223 ELC2016 Educational Session Implementing the “Core Competencies of Entry-Level Practice in Acute Care Physical Therapy” for Excellence in Physical Therapist Clinical Education View Kristin Greenwood, Dr. Babette Sanders, Eric Stewart, Dr. Melissa Hake, Erin Milton, Lauren Mitchell
2519132 ELC2016 Platforms Analysis of "Beyond-Entry Level" Performance Ratings on the Physical Therapist Clinical Performance Instrument (PT-CPI) View Tracy Porter
2519122 ELC2016 Platforms Migrant Farm Workers Project: The Evolution from Community Service to Leadership View Dr. Dennise Krencicki, Stephanie Muth
2519085 ELC2016 Platforms Cadaver case studies: An accelerated learning model for 1st year DPT students View Dr. James Lewis, Deon Thompson, Mary Thigpen
2519060 ELC2016 Platforms The IPE Passport: An Innovative Model for Interprofessional Education View Dr. Karen Paschal, Joy Doll, Margaret Jergenson, Anna Maio, Katie Packard, Meghan Pothoff, Ann Ryan Haddad, Martha Todd
2516966 ELC2016 Educational Session A Novel Approach to Integrated Clinical Experiences: To the Clinic and Beyond View Dr. Laurie Neely, Dr. Linda Horn, Dr. Karen Gordes, Sandy McCombe Waller
2515912 ELC2016 Platforms Connecting Strategies for the Classroom and Clinic: Use of Online Media for Medical Screening Instruction View Dr. Alan Lee, William Boissonnault
2515081 ELC2016 Platforms The Utilization of Standardized Patients during Combined Neurological and Cardiopulmonary Lab Practical: Assessment of DPT Student’s Ability to Integrate Practice Patterns View Leslie Smith, Amy Yorke, Shweta Gore, Devashish Tiwari
2514882 ELC2016 Platforms Using a Simluation Environment to Facilitate Collaborative Interprofessional Communication and Learning View Dr. Janna Kucharski-Howard, Cheryl Babin, Lorraine MacDonald, Gayle McGinty
2514319 ELC2016 Educational Session Strategies for Striving for Excellence in Clinical Education: Perspective of a Health Care Organization View Mrs. Meredith Westbrook
2513841 ELC2016 Platforms “Blooming” Transformation in a Student Run Free Clinic View Dr. Sara Kraft, Dr. Gretchen Seif
2513830 ELC2016 Platforms Assessing the Impact of a Year-Long Nursing Home-Based Clerkship Program for Doctor of Physical Therapy Students on Attitudes toward Older Adults View Becky Olson-Kellogg, Jeanne Lojovich
2513376 ELC2016 Platforms Applied Clinical Reasoning within a Tiered Learning Model View Dr. Patricia Nelson, R. Joseph Palmer
2511310 ELC2016 Educational Session Entry-level physical therapist students cannot perform clinical reasoning: What? So What? Now What? View Diana Venskus, Jason Craig, Marwan Kublawi
2510019 ELC2016 Educational Session In the Pursuit of Excellence: Reframing Your Clinical Education Program View Dr. Chalee Engelhard, Amy Both, Tonya Apke, Christine McCallum, Alison Pollacek
2508979 ELC2016 Educational Session Cultivating Competency in Clinical Reasoning Across the Continuum: Classroom to Clinic to Residency View Dr. Catherine Crandell, Carrie Hawkins, Sarah Quinn, Elizabeth Ulanowski
2507054 ELC2016 Platforms Application of the Dual Processing Theory to the Development of Clinical Reasoning in Physical Therapy Students View Mrs. Tricia Prokop
2507011 ELC2016 Platforms It all starts in PT school: The impact of peer to peer mentoring on student confidence to become a clinical instructor View Dr. Jill Mayer, Mark Vorensky
2507003 ELC2016 Platforms An Innovative Model of Teaching and Learning: Third Year Student Mentors Facilitate Reflection In Second Year Student Mentees During An Early Clinical Experience View Laura Hagan, Dr. Jill Horbacewicz
2506172 ELC2016 Educational Session Building and Sustaining a Culture of Clinical Education: Discovering Value and Promoting Excellence View Heidi Tippner, Cori Arquines, Janice Howman
2505254 ELC2016 Educational Session Facilitating Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking Skills in Physical Therapy Education Through Technology-Enhanced Instruction View Jacque Bradford, Dr. Emily Shannon Hughes, Carol Counts Likens
2504537 ELC2016 Educational Session Imaging Ultrasound from classroom to clinic: A differential diagnosis and autonomous practice necessity. View Dr. Michael Laymon
2504501 ELC2016 Educational Session Demystifying Integrated Clinical Experience Models: SLICE It Up, SPICE It Up, and Make it NICE! View Dr. Jennifer Mai, Alecia Thiele, Janet Matson, Mimi Vaassen
2504430 ELC2016 Platforms The Clinical Education Minute View Dr. Julie Hartmann, Ms. Andrea Kessler, Steven Bitticker
2292280 ELC2015 Posters The Acute Care Internship: Outcomes of an Innovative Model Bridging Clinical Education and Employment View Ms. Colleen Chancler, Joe Adler
2290856 ELC2015 Educational Session Enabling learning when class is done View Jason Craig, Skye Donovan
2290844 ELC2015 Posters An Innovative Learning Activity for Anatomy and Kinesiology Collaborative Education Using Kinesiology Tape View Dr. Steven Snyder, Grant Hirayama, Dee Schilling
2290715 ELC2015 Posters Quality Assurance in the Implicit Curricula: The Ties that Bind Clinical Readiness View Kathleen Pappas, Angela Campbell, Elizabeth Montemagni
2290701 ELC2015 Posters Early service learning opportunities for first and second year physical therapy students: A collaborative partnering with community based falls prevention programs View Dr. James McWhorter
2290665 ELC2015 Posters PATTERNS OF PHYSICAL THERAPY STUDENT BEHAVIORS DURING A FIRST STANDARDIZED PATIENT EXPERIENCE View Dr. Michelle Broggi, Tracy Wall, Ellen Wetherbee-McDevitt, Sarah Ferrero, Maria Cusson
2290652 ELC2015 Educational Session Comprehensive assessment for clinical readiness, Part II: Outcomes from using the CPI from start to finish in DPT education. View Prof. Ann Dietrich, Carrie Truebenbach, Carlynn Alt, Dr. Victoria Moerchen
2290649 ELC2015 Educational Session CARE: An Institution’s Approach to Early Embedded Integrated Clinical Education View Dr. Kimberly Beran-Shepler, Chris Rakoczy, Zach Beiswanger, Dr. Max Baumgartner
2290641 ELC2015 Educational Session Comprehensive assessment for clinical readiness, Part I: A model for using CPI from start to finish in DPT education. View Prof. Ann Dietrich, Carrie Truebenbach, Carlynn Alt, Dr. Victoria Moerchen
2290603 ELC2015 Posters The Use of Simulation in Assessing Readiness for Full Time Acute Care Clinical Experience Following Remediation. View Christine Kasinskas, Maria Cusson
2290601 ELC2015 Posters Setting the Stage: Infusing Generalized Empirical Method into Service Learning to Guide Professional Development View Irene DeMasi, Catherine Maher
2290556 ELC2015 Posters Does the addition of a two week academic module providing practice in patient examination better prepare students for a first full time clinical experience? View Dr. Amy Miller, Susan Tomlinson, Janet Readinger, James Tomlinson
2290397 ELC2015 Posters Playing with a Purpose: An Elective Pediatric Integrated Clinical Education Experience View Dr. Michelle Donahue
2290377 ELC2015 Posters Outcomes for Incorporating Spanish Language Skills in a Physical Therapist Curriculum View Dr. Suzanna Okere, Steven Spivey
2290362 ELC2015 Posters It’s how you look at it: Assessment of interpersonal skills in PT students using point-of-view technology vs traditional recording View Dr. Megan Hotchkiss, Dr. Debra Stern, Dr. Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, Michael Buck, Kimberly Smith, Heather Hettrick, Kevin Kunkel, Nicholas Smith, Fiona Mancuso, Alex Blackman
2290334 ELC2015 Posters Physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students collaborate to prepare for clinical practice as team members. View Prof. Kris Thompson, Robert Mele
2290306 ELC2015 Posters Effect of a Critical Reasoning Course on Students' Willingness to Think and Reflect View Dr. Karen Huhn
2290269 ELC2015 Posters Lessons Learned from Preparing First Year DPT Students for an Introductory Internship View Sue Wenker, Colleen Cobey
2290220 ELC2015 Posters Evaluating the Effectiveness of Communication between the Academic Institution and the Clinical Site through Student Perception of the Integrated Clinical Experience View Ms. Keshrie Naidoo
2289910 ELC2015 Educational Session Integrating the human movement system into DPT curriculum: Building a movement-based foundation for physical therapy students. View Sara Scholtes, Elizabeth Ikeda
2289901 ELC2015 Posters Use of pre-admission quantitative measures data for a physical therapy program to predict performance on the national physical therapy licensure exam. View Dr. Bryan Coleman-Salgado
2289833 ELC2015 Educational Session Have we been outsmarted by our smart technologies? View Carrie Foeller, Christine Kyak, Christina Pedini, Ellen Wruble Hakim
2289797 ELC2015 Posters Influential characteristics motivating academic dishonesty among DPT students View Dr. Babette Sanders, Daniel Pinto, Chandi Edmonds, Laura Hoverson, Noelle Sereis
2289768 ELC2015 Posters Clinician Feedback Regarding Length of Physical Therapist Clinical Education Experiences View Dr. Christopher Cesario, Debra Bangs
2289730 ELC2015 Educational Session "To Teach is to Learn": Didactic and Clinical Teaching as a Learning Model for Residents View Tonya Apke, Chad Cherny, John Dewitt, Melissa Kidder, Robyn McHugh, Dr. Amelia Siles
2289722 ELC2015 Posters Self-Assessment by Physical Therapy Students on Laboratory Practical Examinations View Dr. Dixie Bowman, Adam Sima
2289628 ELC2015 Posters Pre-Admission Physical Therapy Observation Hours as a Predictor of Doctor of Physical Therapy program Outcome Measures View Prof. Thomas Mayhew, Emma Wheeler, Sheryl Finucane, Shawne Soper
2289555 ELC2015 Posters Can Entry Level Physical Therapy Programs Meet CAPTE Standard 4A by 2020? A Population Study of Core Faculty Members View Dr. Emily Shannon Hughes
2289514 ELC2015 Educational Session Transforming and Implementing Intersectional Cultural Competency Curricular Changes to Improve Health Care Delivery for LGBTQ Patients. View Dr. Karla Bell, Dale Gregore
2289280 ELC2015 Posters Innovations in Teaching: The Integrated Curriculum View Ndidiamaka (Didi) Matthews
2289106 ELC2015 Educational Session Igniting Cultures of Transformation in Physical Therapist Education: Investing in Intentional Faculty Development View Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson, Barb Tschoepe, Diane Clark
2289035 ELC2015 Posters Utility of a weekly feedback form with and without midterm Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI): impact on student and clinical instructor (CI) performance and satisfaction. View Sean Gallivan, Eric Conkel
2289019 ELC2015 Posters DPT students exposed to CPI-based assessment during didactic preparation achieve enhanced entry-level clinical outcomes. View Prof. Ann Dietrich, Renee Mazurek
2288976 ELC2015 Posters An Eye on Student Readiness for Clinical Education: Use of the IRIS (Iowa Readiness Index for Students) View Kelly Sass, Richard Shields
2288967 ELC2015 Posters Promoting Safe Student Performance in Physical Therapy Education View Mr. Kent Irwin, Timothy Hanke, Michelle Lee, Kimberly Bryze
2288864 ELC2015 Educational Session Integrating Motivational Interviewing into an Entry-level Physical Therapy Curriculum View Mr. David Levison, Robert Scales
2288739 ELC2015 Posters Cadaver case studies: learning from the past, a pilot study. View Dr. James Lewis, Deon Thompson, Mary Thigpen
2288661 ELC2015 Posters Are we there yet? Is academia and clinical education adequately preparing students for the leap to employment? View Dr. Claudia Gazsi, Leah Nof, Shari Rone-Adams, Dr. Debra Stern
2288351 ELC2015 Posters Discussion “Bored”? Rethink and Re-Invigorate Online Discussion View Prof. Melissa Lazinski, Dr. Mary Blackinton
2288275 ELC2015 Educational Session Preparing Students for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice View Dr. Cheryl Resnik
2288274 ELC2015 Educational Session A Win-Win Model for Use of a Standardized Patient Examination to Promote Student Readiness and Develop Clinical Instructor Teaching Skills for Clinical Experiences View Carol Recker-Hughes, Jill Dungey, Mary Ellen Dougherty, Melissa Murphy
2287845 ELC2015 Posters A Novel Approach to Reviewing Assessments of Student Clinical Performance to Promote Student Success View Nikki Sleddens, Betsy Becker, Joseph Norman, Grace Johnson, Kris Lausterer
2287271 ELC2015 Educational Session iTeach, iLearn, iPad: "Utilizing Technology to Ignite Change in PTA Education and to Promote PTA Student Success" View Prof. Angela Heaton, Cynthia Brandehoff, Andrea Liles
2287203 ELC2015 Posters Coping and Self-Esteem in a Cohort of First Year Physical Therapy Students View Ms. Renée Van Veld, Emily Slaven, Benjamin Reynolds, Paul Shupe, Creola Woolery
2287198 ELC2015 Posters "Speed Networking": A Trial Experience of Clinical Education Peer-Mentoring. View Dr. Nicole Evanosky, Heather Fritz, Laurie Brogan
2286743 ELC2015 Educational Session A Case Study and Pilot for developing and implementing the yearlong internship: Building a Sustainable Model of Clinical Education through an Academic and Clinical Partnership View Ms. Jennifer Rodriguez, Karen Backstrom, Margaret Schenkman
2286627 ELC2015 Posters Validation of a Clinical Decision-Making Tool Using Rasch Analysis View Tracy Brudvig, Kelly Macauley
2286229 ELC2015 Posters Use of a Student for Curricular Revision and Content Delivery in Physical Therapy Education: A Case Report View Dr. Elizabeth Reicherter, Brian Koziol, Dr. Leslie Glickman
2285692 ELC2015 Educational Session Development of a Student Clinical Education Program in Home Health View Dr. Kenneth Miller, Tracey Collins, Bill Anderson, Michele Berman, Shari Mayer
2284929 ELC2015 Posters Integration of Physical Therapist’s Expertise in the Emergency Medicine Curriculum: An Academic Model for Inter-Professional Education View Kathleen Geist, Douglas Ander , Melissa White, Dr. Marie Johanson, Beth Davis
2284498 ELC2015 Educational Session Transformational interprofessional education (IPE) and collaborative practice (CP) strategies: Focus on implementation View Dr. Leslie Glickman, Mary Rodgers, Vincent Conroy, Victoria Marchese, Virginia Rowthorn, Elsie Stines, Dorothy Kenny
2284489 ELC2015 Posters Defining the Role of the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education: Identifying responsibilities, supports and challenges. View Dr. Jean Timmerberg, Jill Dungey, Angela Stolfi, Mary Ellen Dougherty
2281165 ELC2015 Educational Session Nuts & Bolts for the Novice DCE/ACCE: Building a Foundation for Student Success View Dr. Julie DeVahl, Dr. Jenise Engelke, Dr. Barbara Gresham, Chad Jackson
2280475 ELC2015 Educational Session Moving beyond the traditional flipped learning classroom to a flipped learning environment View Prof. Genevieve Pinto Zipp, Catherine Maher
2277455 ELC2015 Posters The Leadership Profile of Doctor of Physical Therapy Students View Dr. Alice Davis, Dr. Heidi Eigsti
2276363 ELC2015 Educational Session PTA Faculty as Scholars and Leaders: Practical Approaches to Infusing Applied Scholarship into your Program and Academic Life View Ms. Christina Howard, Beth Thorpe
2274137 ELC2015 Educational Session Using principles of curriculum development to develop and implement an Integrated Clinical Education experience View Katherine Myers
2273654 ELC2015 Posters Developing professional learning communities to promote personal and professional success in doctor of physical therapy students View Dr. Brandy Schwarz, Clayton Holmes , Jacqueline Huscroft-D'Angelo, Don Mills
2272690 ELC2015 Posters The Use of a Mock Patient Case Examination to Determine Readiness for Clinical Rotations Improve Communication and Critical Reasoning Skills in DPT students. View Dr. Lisa Johnston
2269168 ELC2015 Posters Facilitating development of the intraprofessional relationship: Intentional collaboration and communication between physical therapy and physical therapist assistant students in a student-run clinic. View Samantha Mohn-Johnsen, Dalerie Lieberz, Jane Worley
2267641 ELC2015 Posters Assisting Student Success in a Professional DPT Program: A Formal Student Mentoring Program View Dr. Michael Andersen, Sharon DeMuth, Nina Bradley
2267194 ELC2015 Posters PT and PTA Student Collaboration: Working Toward Understanding View Dr. Kim Kotz, Jessica Wiatrowski
2266808 ELC2015 Educational Session Ready, Set, IPE - Implementing Meaningful Interprofessional Education in a DPT Program View Dr. Lisa Shoaf, Kai Kennedy
2262097 ELC2015 Posters Core Faculty in Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy Clinical Education: Exploring Titles & Characteristics View Laura Hagan, Adrienne McAuley, June Kume
2260753 ELC2015 Posters A Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant Learning Activity to Examine Student Collaboration and Collaboration Readiness: An Intraprofessional Educational Process with Interprofessional Implications Salome Brooks PT, EdD, MBA, MA & Renae Gorman PT DPT MTC OCS View Dr. Salome Brooks, Renae Gorman
2259573 ELC2015 Educational Session Moving Forward: Integrating Technology-Mediated Instruction into Curricula View Dr. Frank Bates, Kate DeCleene Huber, Tammy Simmons
2259567 ELC2015 Educational Session Using DPT Student Intercultural Development Inventory Profiles to Inform Curricular Activities and Track Student Outcomes View Dr. Heidi Eigsti
2253368 ELC2015 Posters DPT Clinical Experience: Teaching in a PTA Curriculum. View Peggy Gleeson
2252538 ELC2015 Educational Session Community Engagement as a Curricular Cornerstone: A Comprehensive Commitment to Service Promotes Excellence in Education View Dr. Regina Kaufman, Julia Chevan, Dawn Roberts, Kimberly Nowakowski, Deborah Pelletier, Kathleen Pappas, Elizabeth Montemagni, Angela Campbell, Dr. Salome Brooks, Jessica Maxwell
2249781 ELC2015 Posters A Curriculum Intervention to Resolve a Learning Deficit in Documentation View Prof. Kenneth Havrilla, Leesa DiBartola
2248381 ELC2015 Posters Student Physical Therapists Can Play a Positive Role in the Health and Well-being of Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Case Report View Dr. Noriko Yamaguchi
2248044 ELC2015 Educational Session Preparing to “Go Live” With the 2:1 Model View Eric Stewart, Carly Funk, Lauren Tigani, Kristy Recek, Cari A Rose, Ellen Wruble Hakim
2248025 ELC2015 Educational Session Designing and Implementing a Comprehensive Mentoring Program to Promote Student Success View Dr. Ginge Kettenbach, Ethel Frese, Mary Jo Davenport, Kelly Hawthorne, Barbara Yemm
2247187 ELC2015 Posters Course Design to Enhance Clinical Decision Making View Dr. Lois Stickley, Debbie Baylor
2246802 ELC2015 Educational Session The DPT Student Association: An Unsung Hero in the Promotion of Student Success and Professional Development View Scott Burns, Amy Heath, Jane Fagan
2246185 ELC2015 Posters Using Progressive and Cumulative Practical Exams to Determine Student Clinical Readiness View Dr. Janna Kucharski-Howard, Linda Tsoumas, Daniel McGovern, Ann Charrette, Frances Kistner, Bruce Elliott, Cheryl Babin, Constance Inacio, Greta von der Luft
2245906 ELC2015 Posters Premise reflection during the final physical therapy clinical internship after a reflective case management course View Dr. Christopher Wong, Randy Kolodny, Laurel Abbruzzese, Laura Hagan
2245856 ELC2015 Posters Utilizing Modern Technology to Perform Clinical Education Visits in a Physical Therapy Program View Dr. Sally McCormack Tutt
2027150 CSM2015 Poster Enhancing Information Literacy Skills of Doctor of Physical Therapy Students: Collaborative Project with Health Science Library View Preeti D. Oza, Rachel K. Stark
2027101 CSM2015 Platform An Exploration of Clinical Reasoning Curriculum and Assessment in Physical Therapist Education View Nicole Christensen, Lisa Black, Jennifer A. Furze, Karen Huhn, Susan Wainwright
2027061 CSM2015 Poster Have we thought it completely through? How have clinical residencies and the yearlong internship impacted clinical education for entry-level physical therapy students? View Jean F. Timmerberg, Angela M. Stolfi
2027054 CSM2015 Platform Teaching healthcare for underserved populations: a model for service-learning with the homeless community View J. Peter Tooley, Barbara Guarriello, Brittne R. Jackson, Brittney Jorgensen, Holly Jonely, Alison DeLeo
2027026 CSM2015 Poster Do physical therapist employers, faculty, and clinical instructors have the same expectations of new DPT graduates in outpatient practice? View Claudia C. Gazsi, Leah Nof, Shari Rone-Adams
2027025 CSM2015 Poster A Blended Learning Model for a Neuroscience Course in a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program View Weiqing Ge, MaryAnn Wharton
2027024 CSM2015 Platform Development of a structure to support clinical education and facilitate staff development at a large multi-site academic medical center. View Angela M. Stolfi
2027023 CSM2015 Platform Knowledge Translation: Can high-fidelity human simulators (SIM Man 3G) be successfully used as a training tool for teaching spinal manipulation? An educatorÕs perspective. View Mary Beth Geiser, Jennifer Delwiche, Brenda Jobe
2026920 CSM2015 Poster How do I find time? Student perspectives on balancing the demands of interprofessional community service learning opportunities with other academic responsibilities. View Jeffrey Farnsworth, Jessica McCafferty, Erin Wentzell, Howard Straker, Alison DeLeo
2026874 CSM2015 Poster Transformative learning: Cognitive-affective outcomes of a practicum embedded in a pediatrics course. View Margaret Dietrich, Ann Dietrich, Victoria A. Moerchen
2026837 CSM2015 Poster Clinic Directors: Perceptions of Supports Offered by Academic Programs View Carol A. Recker-Hughes, Carolyn Padial, Elaine Becker, Maureen Becker, Neville Crick5
2026806 CSM2015 Poster DPT Students Link their Community Service-Learning Experiences to Social Responsibilities in Society and Professionalism View Pamela J. Reynolds, Beth Gustafson
2026802 CSM2015 Poster Physical Therapy Professionalism Expectations The Student Perspective View Tracie Klekotka, Salome Brooks
2026698 CSM2015 Poster Relationship between Learning Outcomes and StudentsÕ Attitudes toward Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Course View RuiPing Xia, Susan G. Klappa
2026521 CSM2015 Platform The effects of inclusion of a geriatric-based exercise class within an entry level Doctorate of Physical Therapy program on studentsÕ perceptions of geriatrics. View Jennifer C. Reneker, Margaret Zronek, Christine Long, Erin McBride, Cory Stocker, Christopher Wood
2026519 CSM2015 Poster Making The Quantum Leap From Experienced Clinician To Novice Physical Therapist Educator: A Collaborative Process In Professional Education View Stephanie Burns, Aliya N. Chaudry, Milagros Jorge
2026357 CSM2015 Poster The Effect of Spatial Ability on Accuracy of Exercise Performance View Phillip B. Palmer, Thomas E. Jackson, Luke Lin, Tyler J. Musselwhite, Gloicie D. Pruitt
2026141 CSM2015 Poster iPad use in the 1st year of a DPT program: a Pilot Study View Nora Riley, Bryon Ballantyne
2026109 CSM2015 Poster The Effect of Spatial Ability on Speed and Accuracy of Identifying Anatomical Structures View Phillip B. Palmer, Chelsi L. Colburn, Amanda D. Holland, Savannah C. Ooten, Lawrence D. Robertson
2026101 CSM2015 Poster Cognitive Mapping Illustrates DPT Student Learning Through a Pro Bono Patient Case View Lynne Hughes, Julie A. Thompson, Susan G. Klappa
2026088 CSM2015 Poster Does clinical decision making vary between novice and experienced residency trained orthopedic physical therapists? View Chelsea Savage, Matthew Barton, Ryan Cotton, Emily J. Slaven
2026047 CSM2015 Platform Fostering Legal and Ethical Delegation & Supervision In Clinical Practice: From the Classroom To The Clinic View Aliya N. Chaudry, Stephanie Burns, Elizabeth R. Beasley
2025940 CSM2015 Platform Team-Based Learning vs.Traditional Lecture in Two Courses on Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Spine View John R. Jefferson
2025905 CSM2015 Poster The Relationship Between Visual Learning Style, Gender, and Preferred Gaming Style View Nancy Smith, Sharon Prybylo, Teresa Conner-Kerr
2025639 CSM2015 Poster Critical thinking of DPT students at various time points View Gloria Miller, Steven Z. George, Claudia Senesac, Jane A. Day
2025368 CSM2015 Poster Assessing Student Confidence in Meeting Healthcare Education Disability Competencies: An Adaptive Sports Experience View Kimberle A. Cratsenberg, Dylan B. Elliott, Heather A. Alcorn, Betsy Q. Melcher, Charles Sheets, Jody A. Feld
2025246 CSM2015 Poster The effectiveness of an interprofessional education experience using documentary film to teach principles of disability in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Rehab Counseling Curricula View Timothy K. Nelson
2025243 CSM2015 Poster Factors related to first employment and the decision to pursue residency training for new physical therapists View Neva J. Kirk-Sanchez, Jenna Cooper, Kelsey G. Hanger, Megan Wooden
2025192 CSM2015 Platform Exploring SelfÐRegulated Learning in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students Throughout the Curriculum View Amy E. Heath
2025170 CSM2015 Poster Institutional and Program Factors Predict Physical Therapist Program Graduation Rate and Licensure Examination Pass Rate View Barbara B. Gresham, Mary Thompson, Kathleen Luedtke-Hoffmann, Mari F. Tietze
2025116 CSM2015 Platform GetFIT - Promoting Wellness of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities via Interprofessional Collaboration View Patricia Q. McGinnis, M. Alysia Mastrangelo, Mary Kientz, Joan Perks
2025092 CSM2015 Poster Development of a Global Clinical Education Experience through Collaborative Partnership View MaryBeth Mandich, Elizabeth Nardella, Mia L. Erickson
2025075 CSM2015 Poster Role Development of the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE) and Perceived Differences Between Credentialed / Non-credentialed Clinical Instructors View Martha Schiller, Cynthia Kincaid
2024783 CSM2015 Poster Comparison of Physical Therapy StudentsÕ and Physical TherapistsÕ Knowledge of Low Back Pain Clinical Practice Guidelines View Douglas Haladay, Laura L. Swisher, Aimee B. Klein
2024725 CSM2015 Poster DPT Student Self-Assessment of the Section on Geriatrics of the APTA Essential Competencies in the Care of Older Adults at the Completion of the Entry-level Physical Therapist Professional Program of Study. View Tracey L. Collins
2024599 CSM2015 Platform The Impact of Required Participation in a Student-Led Community Outreach Clinic on Perceived Value and Participation View Peter Altenburger, Hilary Nuest, Caitlin Stevenson, Terry Loghmani, Carolyn Ebbens, Kristin E. Norris
2024308 CSM2015 Poster The Acquisition of Professionalism Through Online Learning in a Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program View Joy R. Karges, Patrick L. Hauer, Adam L. Hoffmann, David DeWitt, Patrick S. Cross
2024234 CSM2015 Poster Approaches for Teaching Psychosocial Education to Physical Therapy Students: A Systematic Review View Randy Kolodny, Michelle Akazawa, Jordan Seda, Kara Becker
2024221 CSM2015 Platform A new model of knowledge translation for physical therapy clinicians who work in skilled nursing facilities: a case study. View Victoria Hornyak, Jessie VanSwearingen
2024121 CSM2015 Platform Examining Relationships Between Physical and Occupational Therapy StudentsÕ Belongingness and Perceived Competence in the Clinic using the Ascent to Competence Scale View Joy R. Karges, Patti J. Berg-Poppe, Kory J. Zimney, Susan J. Gilkerson, Kendra M. Reuer, Ranelle Nissen
2024086 CSM2015 Poster Assessment of health discipline knowledge in interprofessional education of first-year health care students. View Ann Lucado, Maria M. Thurston, Melissa M. Chesson, Niamh Tunney, Freida F. Payne, Gina Ryan
2024073 CSM2015 Platform The Infusion of Physical Therapy into Campus-wide Interprofessional Education View Stephen Jernigan, Sarah Shrader, Kristy Johnston
2023992 CSM2015 Poster A 3-Year Integrated Approach to Enhancing DPT Student Core Values View Penelope Elam, Theresa E. Leahy, Stephen W. Elam
2023967 CSM2015 Poster The Effect of Attire and Appearance on Patient Confidence in Physical Therapists View Andi Beth Mincer, David Bringman, Abby McAvoy, Taylor B. Goldman, Lauren L. Hughes, Jeremy Shearer
2023871 CSM2015 Poster Comparison of Clinical Performance Rating Tools for Integrated Clinical Experiences: A Preliminary Analysis View Karla A. Bell, Amelia J. Arundale, Cathy H. Ciolek, Carrie S. Foeller, Ellen Wruble Hakim
2023735 CSM2015 Poster Analysis of the placement process of PT and PTA students in clinical education experiences with a national rehabilitation company View Patti Mariano, Kaimee Devore, Stephanie Foster, Christine McCallum
2023088 CSM2015 Poster Perceptions of PTA Students For and Against a Transition to a BachelorÕs Degree Model View Justin Berry, Amy Jenson, Sarah Vierzba, Aubrey Johnson
2022766 CSM2015 Poster The Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation in Second Year Doctor of Physical Therapy Students View Shaina B. Sandrock, Barbara J. Billek-Sawhney, William Ryan, Carol L. Holland
2022756 CSM2015 Poster Intraprofessional Education for Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant Students View Jamie Dyson, Carol Levine, Mayra Eschbach
2022036 CSM2015 Poster Greening Physical Therapy: Application of Sustainability Concepts Into a DPT Curriculum View Carmen Wurtz, Sarah Blanton
2021793 CSM2015 Poster Pilot of an Interprofessional Communication Workshop with Standardized Patients View Lora Packel, Amy Corcoran, Neha Darrah, Diane Hadley, Varleisha Gibbs, Cathy Y. Poon, Mary Ann Forciea
2021388 CSM2015 Poster Can certain admission variables be predictors of academic success in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program? View Michael Darnell, Amy Goad, Rebecca C. Leugers, Chalee Engelhard
2021363 CSM2015 Platform Service-Learning Activities Enhance Physical Therapy StudentsÕ Essential Competencies in the care for Older Adults View Brandy Schwarz, Amy Nordon-Craft, Jennifer J. Severance, Nicoleta Bugnariu
2021308 CSM2015 Poster Do Institutional Characteristics Predict Achievement on the National Physical Therapy Examination? View Meiying Lam, Rachel Eng, Megan Jackson, Todd Davenport
2021306 CSM2015 Poster An End of Life Simulation for Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapy and Nursing Students View Deborah A. O'Rourke, Nancy P. LeMieux, Christina S. Melvin, Mary Val Palumbo
2021225 CSM2015 Poster Perceptions of Effective Mentor Strategies and Characteristics in Physical Therapy Residency Programs: A Qualitative Study View Anne E. O'Donnell, Leslie C. Gonzalez, Gina M. Herrera, Cinnamon M. Martin
2021219 CSM2015 Poster Factors Affecting Success of the 2:1 Student: Clinical Instructor Model in Acute Care Settings: A Case Study Analysis View Donald H. Lein, Cecilia Graham, Linda Freeman
2021139 CSM2015 Poster Seniors in Action: a service learning fall prevention program and the effects of peer interaction on student experience View Michelle White, Debra R. Aaron, Mike Richardson, Jennifer J. Severance, Nicoleta Bugnariu
2021061 CSM2015 Poster Clinical Decision Making and Clinical Skills in DPT Graduates Following a Year-long Internship View Tracy J. Brudvig, Kelly Macauley, Noam Segal
2020833 CSM2015 Poster Student Opinions and Outcomes of Hybrid versus Traditional Teaching Methods in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy View Craig Wassinger, Duane A. Williams
2020832 CSM2015 Poster Critical Thinking Skills and Learning Styles in Foreign Trained Physical Therapists Enrolled in a Masters Program View Tracy J. Brudvig, Douglas J. Mattson, Anthony Guarino
2020829 CSM2015 Poster Interprofessional Experience: Building Healthcare Teams View Teresa Briedwell, Dana Martin, Gretchen Gregory
2020826 CSM2015 Platform Team-based Learning in a Gross Anatomy Laboratory Improves Academic Performance, Student Perceptions of Teamwork and Fosters Quality Learning in Team Interactions View Anita Killins, Tiffany Huitt
2020794 CSM2015 Poster The Impact of Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service on Admission Demographics: One ProgramÕs Five-Year Experience View Barbara Ehrmann
2020504 CSM2015 Poster Physical Therapy Student Self-Assessment of Competence and Frequency of Exposure to Entry-Level Standards: Survey Development and Reliability Study View Michael Derry, Carey Dahlquist, Priscilla A. Weaver
2020478 CSM2015 Poster The Use of a Social Networking Site versus a Traditional Course Management System for Discussion Boards in a Physical Therapy Clinical Education Course View Amy Hassen, Christine McCallum
2020426 CSM2015 Poster The ÒCrosstown Splint-OffÓ: A Friendly Competition to Improve the Confidence of Students Working with Splint Materials View Lizanne Mulligan, Marsha Eifert-Mangine, Claire Morress, Margaret E. Robinson
2020378 CSM2015 Poster Reflective Narratives by Student Physical Therapists on Early Clinical Experiences: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis View Bruce Greenfield, Tami Phillips, Patricia Bridges
2020012 CSM2015 Poster Determining the efficacy of an assisted workout program for university students with disabilities Ð A case series. View Kevin Nagel, Zach Hollis, Lydia Picard, Jennifer E. Tucker, Patrick Pabian
2019732 CSM2015 Platform DPT Student Reflections on an Experiential Aging Lab: Gains in Understanding and Perspective View Lisa Dehner
2019633 CSM2015 Platform Statistically speaking, what should we be teaching? View Julie K. Tilson, Katie Marshall, Jodi Tam, Linda Fetters
2019550 CSM2015 Poster Utilization of a Clinical Simulation Center (SIMS) with First-Year DPT Students: What are the Benefits? View Colleen Cobey, Susan L. Wenker, Lisa A. Steinkamp
2019403 CSM2015 Poster Perceptions of adherence to home exercise programs differ between physical therapists and patients View Vanessa M. Reddin, Anthony Cardone, Matthew Heim, Waqar Muhammad, William O'Connell, Ashley Peaceman , Maryanne Driscoll
2019390 CSM2015 Poster The Use of a 3-D Toy Model for Teaching Anatomical and Biomechanical Concepts of the Hip View Deborah M. Wendland
2019308 CSM2015 Poster Using Virtual Meetings as a Collaborative Study Tool for Physical Therapists Preparing for Clinical Specialist Examinations View Mary Beth A. Osborne, Parminder Padgett, Sara Crandall, Susan Cromwell, Terry Ellis5
2018971 CSM2015 Poster Developing Clinical Practice Standards: A Collaboration Between Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Physical Therapy Students at Northern Arizona University View Pamela S. Kline, Melissa M. Eden, Pamela R. Bosch, Kim Kulovitz Gatewood
2018842 CSM2015 Poster Developing Interprofessional Education Competencies: Effectiveness of a Problem Based Learning Experience View Lisa Dutton, Kathleen M. Matuska, David D. Chapman, Barbara Gilbertson
2018139 CSM2015 Poster Bridging the Transition from the Classroom to the Clinic: An Application of the Integrated Longitudinal Case-Based Learning Model in Developing a Cross-Course Integrative Learning Opportunity View Amy Watson, Peter Altenburger, Amy J. Bayliss, Tracy A. Dierks, Valerie Strunk, Mary T. Loghmani
2018101 CSM2015 Poster Student Physical Therapists' Interest in, and Perceived Benefits and Barriers of Participating in APTA Residency and Fellowship Programs: A National Survey View Anne E. O'Donnell, Katrina Spinnato
2018052 CSM2015 Platform Mobility Is Medicine: Creating a culture of mobility via integration of the academic medical center and academic curriculum View Rebecca A. Ferrier, Amber Fitzsimmons
2018041 CSM2015 Poster An evaluation method for determining the integration of teaching and learning theories and strategies into clinical practice for DPT students View Irene De Masi, Patricia A. Carey
2017995 CSM2015 Poster Description of a Peer-Assisted Learning Program to Enhance a 1:1 Model of Clinical Education View Anne Whiting, Aaron Thrush, Carol Wamsley, Jillian Stark
2017879 CSM2015 Poster Student Perceptions and Understanding of Clinical Reasoning in the Inpatient Environment: A Qualitative Study View Lorna Hayward, Kristin C. Greenwood, Matthew Nippins, Alicia Canali
2017842 CSM2015 Poster Predictors of Academic Success and Attrition in an Entry-Level DPT Program View Jason Denton, Amy Wagner, Chad Jackson
2017791 CSM2015 Poster Perceived Benefits and Barriers of Participation of Physical Therapy Students In Resource-Poor International Clinical Education View Brandy Schwarz, Yasser Salem, Howe Liu, Clayton Holmes, John K. Podgore
2017720 CSM2015 Poster Facilitating Future Scholar Practitioners: DPT Students Embrace Their Role in Research View Susan G. Klappa, Lynne Hughes, Julie A. Thompson
2017719 CSM2015 Poster To What Extent Does the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Influence Tolerance for Ambiguity? View Maureen J. Simmonds, Michael A. Geelhoed, Jacquis Lagura, Lorena Lopez, Jacqueline Rincon
2017702 CSM2015 Platform Creation of IPE Using Simulated Patients Through Collaboration with Seven Health Professional Programs View Lynn Rivers, Karen Panzarella, Patricia Nowakowski
2017373 CSM2015 Platform Perceived challenges in clinical education: Perspectives from various stakeholders View Jean F. Timmerberg, Angela M. Stolfi
2017066 CSM2015 Poster Teaching Acute Neurologic Physical Therapy Management through Interprofessional Simulation View Sheri R. Kiami, Pamela Donlan, Kristin C. Greenwood
2016789 CSM2015 Poster A View Into Aging: Seniors Mentoring DPT Students View Deborah A. Madanayake, Debra O. Sellheim
2016169 CSM2015 Poster Using the CPI to anchor embedded comprehensive assessment of DPT students View Ann Dietrich, Carrie Truebenbach, Carlynn Alt, Victoria Moerchen
2016108 CSM2015 Poster Preparing students for management of the patient with multimorbidities View Amy Watson, Amy J. Bayliss, Valerie Strunk, Mary T. Loghmani, Peter Altenburger
2015847 CSM2015 Poster Effect of using a skeleton model to facilitate anatomical landmark identification for shoulder kinematics by first-year DPT students View Beth A. Cloud, Aaron B. Rindflesch, John H. Hollman, Kai-Nan An, Kristin D. Zhao
2015561 CSM2015 Poster Top 10 ways to improve clinical problem-solving and avoid the Òno evidenceÓ dilemma according to peer-reviewed literature View Murray E. Maitland
2015424 CSM2015 Poster Interprofessional Education: The Role of Dual Degree Programs at Emory University View Sara Pullen, Zoher Kapasi, Marie A. Johanson
2013108 CSM2015 Poster A systematic review of the effectiveness of formal functional mobility task training for caregivers of individuals with neurologic diagnoses at decreasing caregiver burden View Rodney Weir, Donna Cech
2013027 CSM2015 Poster How Are the Most Successful PT Programs Teaching Acute-Care? View Morgan Cummings, Cassandra L. Gucwa, Kathleen Hennessey, Kristin C. Greenwood
2012916 CSM2015 Poster Attitudes Toward Health Care Teams Across Six Health Professions: Are All Student Attitudes the Same? View Don D. Straube, Mary T. Keehn, Alana D. Steffen, Valerie Gruss, Annette L. Valenta
2012863 CSM2015 Poster Utilizing Simulation To Promote Interprofessional Education Throughout a PT Curriculum: A Preliminary Study View Kristin C. Greenwood, Sheri R. Kiami, Alicia Canali, Mary J. Hickey, Maura Iversen
2012714 CSM2015 Poster Rating Scale Analysis of the Leadership Practices Inventory View Laura LoVasco, Don D. Straube, Kristine Thompson
2012584 CSM2015 Poster A comparative analysis of knowledge acquisition and retention in a physical agents course based upon method of delivery: Face to Face Lecture vs. Computer Assisted Instruction View John J. Stachura, Ahmad Alaiwat, Rachel Ottaway, Cole Sanders, Melissa Singer
2010239 CSM2015 Poster Use of Preadmission Factors and First Semester GPA as Early Indicators of Success on the NPTE View Karen Friel, Veronica Southard
2007188 CSM2015 Platform The Collaborative Model of Clinical Education: Perceptions of Physical Therapist Clinical Instructors View Susan S. Tomlinson, Brian F. Olkowski, Janet Readinger, Stephen Banks
2007085 CSM2015 Poster Institutional and Program Factors Predict Physical Therapist Assistant Program Graduation Rate and Licensure Examination Pass Rate View Barbara B. Gresham, Mary Thompson, Kathleen Luedtke-Hoffmann, Mari F. Tietze
2006484 CSM2015 Poster Health and Wellness Behaviors of Practicing Physical Therapists View Christina M. Wisdom, Brian J. McKiernan, Bobbi J. Collins, Brad A. Lewis, Kimberly J. Peters, Brittney L. Schmidt
2002969 CSM2015 Poster Actual and Perceived Leadership Styles of Clinical Coordinators of Physical Therapy Education View Allison Kellish, Genevieve Pinto Zipp, Terrence Cahill, Deborah DeLuca
2002831 CSM2015 Platform A virtual patient educational activity to improve interprofessional competencies: A randomized trial View Michael J. Shoemaker, Margaret de Voest, Andrew Booth, Lisa Meny, Justin Victor
1996403 ELC2014 Poster Considerations for pairing the student learning dyad in a collaborative clinical experience View Keshrie Naidoo
1996377 ELC2014 Poster Use of the Practice Exam and Assessment Tool (PEAT) to predict success on the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) View Thomas P. Mayhew
1996352 ELC2014 Platform The Social Media Magic in Clinical Education to Enhance Communication during Clinical Internships in the 21st Century View Joy R. Karges, Aliya N. Chaudry
1996325 ELC2014 Poster Passing the Licensure Boards:Ê What Really Helps Students Succeed? View Lori Kielkopf
1996194 ELC2014 Platform The Effect of Physical Therapy Students' Clinical Experiences on Clinician Productivity View Susan E. Pivko, Laurel Abbruzzese, Pragati Duttaroy, Ruth Hansen, Kathy Ryans
1996114 ELC2014 Poster In the Case of Service Learning: What Did it Really Matter? Ê View Susan G. Klappa, Julie A. Thompson
1996029 ELC2014 Poster Making Cadaveric Dissection Come to Life!Ê Connecting Gross Anatomy Content to Clinical Practice View Mark A. Romanick, Peggy M. Mohr
1996022 CSM2015 Platform Do different clinical education curricular models lead to differences in 1st time and ultimate pass rates among CAPTE accredited programs? View Christine McCallum, Chalee Engelhard, Chad Cook
1996011 ELC2014 Poster The Relationship Between Academic Factors and Clinical Education Outcomes Ê View Christopher Cesario, Mary Ann Wilmarth
1995964 ELC2014 Poster Factors Influencing the Enrollment of Clinical Instructors in the APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program:Ê Perspectives of the APTA Credentialed Trainers View Kimberly Coleman-Ferreira, Gunilla Daaku, Kara Miller, Jillian Zollinger
1995740 ELC2014 Poster A Simplified Method for Evaluating Cardiopulmonary Auscultation Skills in Physical Therapy Students Ê View David Sword, Kenneth J. Thomas, Holly Wise, Debora Brown
1995733 ELC2014 Poster Experiences with Interprofessional and Collaborative Models ofÊClinical Education in the Inpatient Rehab SettingÊ Ê View Jennifer Amsinger, Michael Chiarelli, Gwenda Creel, Rebecca Piazza
1995620 ELC2014 Poster Patients Who Speak Spanish:Ê The Student Physical TherapistsÕ Perspective Ê View Suzanna D. Okere, Steve Spivey
1995518 ELC2014 Platform Physical therapist assistant studentsÕ perceptions of impact after a one monthÊinternational service learning experience in Kenya. View Jamie Duley
1995442 ELC2014 Platform GetFIT:Ê Promoting Wellness of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities View Patricia Q. McGinnis, Alysia Mastrangelo
1995393 ELC2014 Poster The Impact of Integrated Clinical Education on Confidence Scores in Novice Physical Therapy Students. View Valerie A. Strunk, Peter Altenburger
1994827 ELC2014 Poster Intraprofessional Education for Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant Students. Ê View Jamie Dyson, Mayra Eschbach, Carol Levine
1994736 ELC2014 Platform Interprofessional Practice: Physical Therapy in Family Medicine Interprofessional Teaching ClinicsÊ View Stephen Jernigan, Jana Zaudke
1993134 ELC2014 Platform Interprofessional Education: The Role of Dual Degree Programs at Emory University View Sara Pullen, Zoher Kapasi, Marie Johanson
1992990 ELC2014 Poster Physical Therapy Student Experiences Regarding Problem-Based Learning and Development of Professional Core Values View Michelle E. Wormley, Melissa M. Tovin, Michelle Lusardi, Stanley Wilson
1991785 CSM2015 Poster The Impact of Staff Education on Improving Osteoporosis Knowledge Base and Clinical Practice Patterns in Physical and Occupational Therapists. View Kelly Duszak McArdle, Maureen P. Brolly, Kerstin M. Palombaro, Risheeta K. Joshi
1991666 ELC2014 Platform Preparing Physical Therapy Students to Deliver Interprofessional Community-Based Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Programs: Collaboration Between a DPT Program and a Medically-Oriented GymÊ View Michael Sheldon, William J. McCormick, Jaclyn Chadbourne
1991510 ELC2014 Platform Clinical InstructorsÕ Perceptions on Providing Clinical Education to Physical Therapy Students: ÊSupports, Barriers, and Preferences for Change View Suzanne Giuffre, Amy Both
1991042 ELC2014 Poster Clinical Instructor Use of Evidence-based Practice Ê View Debra A. Bierwas, Joan S. Leafman, Lisa Wallace, Donald Shaw
1990971 ELC2014 Platform Comparison of Student Performance after Short versus Long Final Clinical Education Experience View Susan S. Tomlinson, Janet Readinger, Rebecca Craik, James D. Tomlinson
1990798 ELC2014 Poster The use of complex cases to facilitate and assess curricular integration View Peter Altenburger, Amy Bayliss, Terry Loghmani, Valerie A. Strunk, Amy Watson
1989586 ELC2014 Poster Perceived Value of CAPTEÕs Topics of Scholarly Activity Among Clinical Instructors View Teresa Briedwell, Dana Martin, Erin A. Dannecker
1985849 ELC2014 Poster StudentsÕ Assessments of APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructors Versus Non-Credentialed Clinical Instructors View Dana Martin, Kimberly Ferreira, Erin A. Dannecker
1984177 CSM2015 Poster Credentialed and Noncredentialed Clinical Instructors: Student and Clinical Instructor Self-Perceptions View Lindsay Elchert, Debra Stern, Lisa Dutton, Leah Nof
1984143 ELC2014 Poster Student and Clinical Instructor Self-Reported Perceptions of Credentialed andÊNoncredentialed Clinical InstructorsÊÊ View Lindsay Elchert, Debra F. Stern, Lisa Dutton, Leah Nof
1973374 CSM2015 Poster What Are Student Perceptions of a Physical Therapist Assistant/Practical Nursing Interprofessional Education (IPE)/Simulation Laboratory Experience? View Jonathan Bird, Thomas M. Howell
1972464 CSM2015 Platform Changing Student Attitudes Toward Interprofessional Learning and Collaboration: Evidence for the Effectiveness of Partnering with Health Care Mentors in the Academic Setting View Robert Wellmon, Linda Knauss, Mary Baumberger-Henry, Normajean Colby, Patricia Fletcher
1727676 CSM2014 Poster High Fidelity Human Simulation in Physical Therapy: Reliability of Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric View Harshavardhan Deoghare, Leslie T. Zarrinkhameh
1727636 CSM2014 Poster Implementation of Evidence-based Practice Among Clinical Instructors View Lori Bordenave, Annlee Burch, Deanne Fay, Tawna Wilkinson, Lora Davis, Allison Grady, Robin Golden, Kylie Fulton
1727599 CSM2014 Platform Teaching and Measuring Multicultural Competence of Physical Therapy Students Across the Nation: A Cross-Sectional Study of What is Being Taught and How Learning is Measured View Moran Arad, Christie Espiritu, Melissa Tippets, Annlee Burch
1727585 CSM2014 Poster Integrated Clinical Education Promotes Self-Efficacy among First Year DPT Students View Stefany Shaibi, Holly Carroll
1727567 CSM2014 Poster Health and Wellness Behaviors of Faculty Employed in Physical Therapist Education Programs View Brian J. McKiernan, Christina Wisdom, Trista Henderson, Katherine Hoffman, Justin Johnson, Lindsay Pierson, Jennifer Watson
1727476 CSM2014 Poster Perceptions of the Novice Clinical Instructor: A Qualitative Pilot Study Comparing the Novice CI with the Expert CI View Suzanne P. Gordon, Karen K. Morren, Eric T. Straniero, Benjamin J. Handler, Judith E. Thichava
1727463 CSM2014 Poster Physical Therapists as Resources for Health and Wellness: A Survey of the Patient's Perspective View Katie Siemer, Andrew Aberle, Melissa L. Peterson
1727427 CSM2014 Poster Implementation of a Contract-Based Grading System in PTA Education View Jill E. Kester, Christina Hein
1727399 CSM2014 Poster Perspectives of Clinical Site Educators of the Processes, Benefits and Barriers to PT and PTA Clinical Education View Tonya Apke, Amelia Siles
1727395 CSM2014 Poster Use of Observation and Online Reflection to Promote StudentsÕ Interpretation of the Patient Examination Using the Guide Framework. View Kristin C. Greenwood, Matthew Nippins
1727364 CSM2014 Poster Multidisciplinary Simulation in PTA Education View Betsy J. Becker, Nikki Sleddens, Ian Thompson
1727339 CSM2014 Platform Technological Competencies of Students in Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs: A Survey View Eric K. Robertson, Kendra Gagnon, Carla Sabus, Tim Noteboom, Mary Derrick
1727283 CSM2014 Platform Successful Engagement of Physical Therapy Interns in a Multi-Phase Quality Improvement Project Using the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) Methodology View Kathryn Cieslak
1727275 CSM2014 Poster Interprofessional Education Model: Using Scopes of Practice and Interprofessional Collaboration View April D. Newton, Quang-Kim Tran, Kevin Smith, Teri Stumbo, David Plundo, Luke Mortensen
1727247 CSM2014 Poster Mentoring: It's Not Just for Students View Genevieve Pinto Zipp, Catherine Maher
1727244 CSM2014 Poster Preliminary Trends in Supply and Demand of Physical Therapist Clinical Education: A Regional Analysis View Janice Howman, Kelli Barto, Meghan E. May
1727232 CSM2014 Poster Active Learning Theory Understanding and Its Use by Adjunct Faculty Members Who Teach as Single-Topic Experts in Physical Therapist Education Programs View Margaret (Peg) Olson
1727188 CSM2014 Platform A team-based learning (TBL) experience in gross anatomy laboratory improves physical therapy student perceptions of teamwork. View Tiffany Huitt, William S. Brooks, Anita Killins
1727185 CSM2014 Poster An Innovative Approach to Educating Physical Therapy Students in a Geriatric Community View Corrie Odom, Stephanie Rogers
1727087 CSM2014 Platform ÒFlippingÓ for blended learning: a case study on using online and in-person teaching methods in a physical therapy course View Catherine Siengsukon, Kendra Gagnon, Eric Vidoni, Tarang K. Jain, Mayis Aldughmi
1727073 CSM2014 Platform An International Perspective in Peer-Learning During Clinical Education View Corrie Odom, Unni Vagstol, Torunn Meyer, Birte Hannestad, Anna Kari Skoien
1727051 CSM2014 Poster Inter-rater Reliability Between CIs and DPT Students Using the CPI on Initial, Intermediate and Final Clinical Rotations View Kristie Vinson, David Smith
1727049 CSM2014 Poster A Student Program Model for Clinical Education Within a Multi-facility Organization View Kimberly Nowakowski, Deborah Pelletier, Laurie Kolosky, Darlene Piraino
1727039 CSM2014 Poster Reconstructing a Human Gross Anatomy Course Based on Constructivist Learning Theory View Marianne Beninato, Douglas E. Haladay, Mary S. Knab
1727035 CSM2014 Poster Early Professionalism and Professional/Social Responsibility Scores on the Clinical Performance Instrument Predict Success on the National Physical Therapy Examination View Jeanne L. Cook, Elizabeth M. Williamson, Patricia A. Cahoj, Nancy D. Drake
1727018 CSM2014 Poster Outcomes from an Interprofessional Workshop for Healthcare Providers Treating Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes View Sue Schuerman, Ashlee Harmon, Susan VanBeuge, Marcia Ditmyer, Georgia Dounis
1726994 CSM2014 Poster Enhancing Cultural Awareness through an Academic Exchange: Development and Outcomes of US-Swiss PT Students Program View Maura Iversen, Jean-Philippe Bassin, Diane F. Fitzpatrick
1726873 CSM2014 Poster Is Cadaver Dissection Diminishing in PT Schools? View Elizabeth Reimer, Leslie Day
1726850 CSM2014 Poster DPT StudentsÕ Self-Rated Knowledge and Knowledge Confidence in Amputee Rehabilitation and Wound Care Management View David Chapman, Jennifer B. Miller
1726836 CSM2014 Poster Influence of Demographic Factors on Embodiment of the APTA Core Values by Physical Therapists View Jill S. Horbacewicz, Yaron Barach, Aryeh Dicker, Brandon van Kempen
1726771 CSM2014 Poster Creating and Implementing a Community-Based Education Program in Rural Guatemala View Maureen Helgren, Ashley Armington, Ashley Bella, Kaitlyn Clarke, Emelie Gold, Erin Sabato
1726740 CSM2014 Poster Interprofessional Education in Physical Therapy: A Hybrid Course at the University of Kansas Medical Center View Stephen Jernigan, Tarang K. Jain
1726730 CSM2014 Poster Collaboration Between a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and a Community High School: Promotion of Health and Wellness Programming View Jennifer Parent-Nichols, Olga L. McSorley, Ann W. Greiner
1726720 CSM2014 Poster Does First-Time Licensure Pass Rate Have the Potential to Inform Program Choice for Physical Therapy Education? View Lisa L. Dorsey, Patrick V. Kelly
1726694 CSM2014 Poster Reflective Narratives by Student Physical Therapists on Early Clinical Experiences: A Phenomenological Interpretative Approach View Bruce Greenfield, Patricia H. Bridges, Tambre A. Phillips
1726680 CSM2014 Poster Quantitative Assessment of the Attitudes of Physical Therapy Students towards Team-Based Learning in a Gross Anatomy Course View Mary Lundy, Beven Livingston, Shana Harrington
1726658 CSM2014 Poster Case Report: Overcoming Barriers to the Use of Outcome Measures Through Faculty, Student and Clinician Collaboration View Diane E. Clark, Donald H. Lein
1726630 CSM2014 Poster Interprofessional Roles and Responsibilities: Developing Competence Through a Simulated Team Meeting for a Patient with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis View Stephen Jernigan, Bethene Gregg, Heather Collins
1726543 CSM2014 Poster Examiner Effectiveness as Determined by Didactic and Hands on Learning Protocols for Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging View Andrew Lengerich, Kevin Schumpp, Michael Rando, Kristofer Wilson, Clifton Brown, Claudia J. Brahler, Randy E. Moore, Philip Anloague
1726538 CSM2014 Poster Clinical Reasoning in Physical Therapy Diagnosis: Translation to Learning View Marcia A. Miller Spoto, Jessica Goodrich, Leslie Gale, Adam Sterns, Rachel Waugh
1726277 CSM2014 Poster Implementation of the 2:1 Model of Student Supervision in Acute Care View Peri J. Jacobson, Beth Quinn, Sarah Bormann
1726269 CSM2014 Poster A Comparison of Student Outcomes in 4-week and 6-week Initial Clinical Experiences View Peri J. Jacobson
1726252 CSM2014 Poster Medical Genetics Literacy in Physical Therapist Education View Robert S. Van Zant, George Hwang, Mandee Kerns, Kim Lindblade, Carlton McFarlane, Julie Toney
1726242 CSM2014 Poster Comparison of Performing and Teaching a Motor Task Using Live Expert Feedback Versus Videotaped Feedback View Roslyn Sofer, Danielle Cuozzo, Julianne Kliphus, Alla Naumenko, Rashada Thompson, Dara Zisser
1726238 CSM2014 Poster Interprofessional Education for Teamwork: Collaborating to Determine a Plan of Care View Rebecca Edgeworth, Thea Moore, Dawn Schocken, Nadine Matthie, Laura Lee Swisher, Frazier T. Stevenson
1726211 CSM2014 Poster The Impact of a Training Session on TherapistsÕ Beliefs and Attitudes Regarding Patient Adherence in Outpatient Clinics View Katherine L. Long, Jennifer Reneker, Melisa Barden, Carrie VanMeter, Megan B. Donaldson
1726210 CSM2014 Platform Self-regulated Learning in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students View Amy E. Heath, Jennifer Cromley
1726124 CSM2014 Platform A pilot study exploring the compliance and sustainability of an exercise program for residents in a long-term care facility in Le—n, Nicaragua. View Maureen Helgren, Xantiana Abio, Jillian Cohen, Erin Sabato, Maria Denisse Argenal
1726115 CSM2014 Poster Perceptions of Cultural Competency in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students: A Cross-Sectional Study View Deb Doherty, Sara Maher, Catherine Ivanikiw, Matthew Hales, Troy Lebiecki, Patricia Wren
1726056 CSM2014 Poster Developing Leadership, Advocacy Skills and APTA Awareness through a Focused Seminar Course View Holly Clynch
1726019 CSM2014 Poster Improvement to Physical Therapy Student Clinical Education Program View Emily S. Becker, Paula Eppenstein, Laurn King, Susan Brady
1725836 CSM2014 Poster Clinical Instructor Behaviors and the Effect of Clinical Instructor Credentialing View Martha M. Schiller, Susan A. Talley
1725799 CSM2014 Poster Revalidation of the Curricular Competencies of the Emory University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program View Patricia H. Bridges, Vincent M. Carter, Tambre A. Phillips, Hyun Chong, Ryan A. Conwell, Brittany Hensley, Alyson Kimbrell, Mallory Sigle
1725784 CSM2014 Poster Influence of Prerequisite Courses in Physical Therapist Education View Susan A. Chinworth
1725726 CSM2014 Poster The APTA Clinical Instructor Education and Credentialing Program: A Survey of Clinical Instructors Before and 1 Year After View Martha M. Schiller
1725695 CSM2014 Poster Moral Reasoning Skills of Physical Therapy Students from Five Upper-Midwest Programs View Renee L. Mabey, Maren Kludt, Jessica R. Plummer, Meridee Danks
1725690 CSM2014 Platform Physical and occupational therapy studentsÕ perceptions of an interprofessional education experience View Michelle Broggi, Nancy Bagatell
1725656 CSM2014 Poster Leadership Practices in Year One Students Enrolled in Professional Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs View Laura LoVasco, Kristine A. Thompson, Christine Stiller, Sara F. Maher
1725588 CSM2014 Platform How do physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) students view technology use in the academic setting and in personal life? View Nancy S. Smith, Bradley D. Strott, Megan Pruett
1725428 CSM2014 Poster ItÕs A Life Saver, But Will They Remember? A study of CPR Retention View Debra F. Stern, Leah Nof, Kevin Nugent, Eva Duchnowski
1725363 CSM2014 Poster Title: Beyond Books and BrainsÉ.Integrating Active Learning and iPad Technology into the Neuroanatomy Lab View Anne K. Lorio, Jane B. Gore
1725318 CSM2014 Platform Development of an Interprofessional Education (IPE) Program for Health Care Students Across 12 Disciplines View Stacy Jaffee Gropack, Harold L. Kirschenbaum, Susanne M. Flower, Joesph P. Nathan
1725301 CSM2014 Poster Changes in Physical Therapy StudentÕs Perceptions of Professional and Social Responsibility Following Participation in a Student-Led Inter-Professional Community Outreach Clinic View Carolyn Ebbens, Hilary Nuest, Caitlin Stevenson, Kristin E. Norris, Terry Loghmani, Peter Altenburger
1725276 CSM2014 Poster International Innovation Project: Outcomes from an Interprofessional Student Experience View Kelly Macauley, Ulla Vehkapera, Toini Harra, Krista Lehtonen, Hanne Skov, Elizabeth Torcivia, Howard J. Phillips
1725114 CSM2014 Poster The Effectiveness of a Brief Social Media and E-Professionalism Educational Session for Physical Therapist Students View Karen K. Morren, Kimberly Steinbarger
1725026 CSM2014 Poster Where does the time go? DPT faculty time use View Kathleen Rockefeller, Mary Blackinton, Lance Cherry, Melissa Lazinski, Keiba L. Shaw
1724999 CSM2014 Platform Student Performance After Final Clinical Education Experiences of Different Lengths View Susan S. Tomlinson, Janet Readinger, James D. Tomlinson, Rebecca L L. Craik
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1724620 CSM2014 Poster Fixing, Building or Healing: Physical Therapist Students' Perceptions of Practice View Sarah Gilliland, Chelsea Fischer
1724602 CSM2014 Platform Developing the Collaborative Relationship between PT and PTA Students through the Use of Technology and Shared Case-Study Experiences View Jodi Dusi, Kelly M. Lindenberg
1724557 CSM2014 Poster Upgrading and Improving Physical Therapy Education in Ethiopia: Developing a Doctor of Physiotherapy Program View Jennifer J. Bell, Jean-Michel Brismee, Greg Dedrick, Gail Apte
1724390 CSM2014 Poster Cooperative Tutorial Group Learning Influences on Individual Student Academic Success in a Problem-Based Learning Environment View Amy Wagner, Lynne Hughes, Susan G. Klappa
1724251 CSM2014 Poster A National Survey and Analysis of PTA Students on PTA Program Length and Accrued Student Loan Debt View Justin Berry, Kortni Miller, Thomas Velasquez
1724132 CSM2014 Poster Technology Smorgasbord! Practical Application of Technology into a Traditional Physical Therapist Education Program View Alecia K. Thiele, Jennifer A. Mai, Sherri Post
1723462 CSM2014 Platform Imparting the Art and Science of Teaching to the Educators of the Future View Karla A. Bell, Cathy Ciolek, Ellen Wruble Hakim
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1723053 CSM2014 Poster Bringing Critical Care Skills To Life: An Interprofessional Approach Using High Fidelity Simulation View Jennifer A. Mai, Renee Pilcher, Molly Kuhle
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1722266 CSM2014 Poster Job Satisfaction of University of North Dakota Physical Therapy Alumni View Renee L. Mabey, Madelynne Roth, Kayla Stevermer
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1721886 CSM2014 Platform An Integrated Educational Model: Evaluation, Enhancement, and Sustainment of an International Service Learning Partnership View Lorna Hayward, Kenneth Venere, Andrea Pallais
1721849 CSM2014 Poster Physical Therapy StudentsÕ Awareness of their Fundamental Freedoms View David Lake
1721607 CSM2014 Platform An Educational Approach to Facilitate a Compassionate, Culturally Sensitive and Interprofessionally Aware Environment within a Rehabilitative Setting View Lorna Hayward, Ann Marie Dwyer
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1717864 CSM2014 Poster Minority Applicants to Physical Therapy Education Programs 2010-2011 View Matthew Nuciforo
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1716863 CSM2014 Poster Student Intention to Work with the Elderly Following a Skilled Nursing Clinical Education Experience View Sarah Zuch, Kayla Stewart, Amy Derck, Jennifer Vincent, Christine McCallum
1715008 CSM2014 Platform Physical Therapist StudentsÕ Orientation Toward Lifelong Learning View Malorie K. Novak, Christie L. Palladino, Deborah S. Richardson
1714423 CSM2014 Poster Clinical Decision Making and Clinical Skills in DPT Graduates Following a Yearlong Internship: A Pilot Study View Tracy Brudvig, Kelly Macauley, Harsha Dhingra
1713805 CSM2014 Platform Title: Many-Facet Rasch Measurement Analysis of Raters of Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Applicants View Margaret Danilovich
1712356 CSM2014 Poster Utilization of an Education Program Developed for Custodial Workers to Reduce the Rate and Cost of Shoulder Injuries View Julie Collins, Kelly Pesanelli, Lee Marinko
1711312 CSM2014 Poster Is There a Relationship Between Learning Outcomes and Methods of Teaching Anatomy as Perceived by DPT Students? View Larry Petterborg, Kathryn Coggan, Denise Walters, Meagan Pickle, Leslie Jones
1709517 CSM2014 Poster A Model for Interprofessional Education View Rania Karim, Penny Kroll
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1651833 CSM2014 Platform Influence of Service-Learning on DPT Students Immersed in Adaptive Sport for Military Veterans View Shana Harrington, Mary Lundy