PTA Education Summit – Engage, Envision, Evolve

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Engagement in the second phase of the PTA Education Summit allows YOUR voice to be heard! All stakeholders, internal and external to the profession, are invited to register and engage in this virtual asynchronous event.

Phase 2 is presented in four interactive micro-learning modules. The first three include lessons that promote a shared understanding, so all participants have a common foundation from which to engage in the fourth module and collaborate with other stakeholders in a facilitated dialog around the key questions. Participants receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of Module 4, and details will be provided for individuals to apply for CEUs in your jurisdiction. Engagement in Phase 2 is required to be considered for selection as a Phase 3 participant.

Phase 2 of the PTA Education Summit is available from November 1 to December 15, 2021, and the virtual format allows participants to engage from any location with internet access during the times that fit with personal schedules.  Participants should plan 8-10 hours to complete all four modules.  Registration is FREE to anyone with a stake in the future of PTA education, including PT & PTA clinicians, academic & clinical administrators, PTA students & faculty.

Learning Objectives:

Module 1: History of PTA Education:

  • Identify key milestones in PTA Education
  • Recognize evolution of the “typical” PTA student over time both in entering and exiting the program
  • Recognize the role of various institutional stakeholders in PTA education and practice
  • Recognize the evolution of the role, scope of work and education of the physical therapist assistant.

Module 2: PTA Education

  • Demonstrate familiarity with the variety of educational models
  • Recognize the differences between institutions that currently deliver PTA Education (e.g., cost, credit hours, prerequisites, admissions, transferability, etc.)
  • Recognize key current data and financial considerations related PTA education.

Module 3: Role & scope of the PTA

  • Recognize the changing role of the PTA within physical therapist practice and the implications for PTA education.
  • Identify current challenges facing PTA employment, including the proliferation of educational programs and reimbursement changes.
  • Differentiate between entry-level and post entry-level PTA competencies (cognitive processes, psychomotor skill, & affective/behavioral)
  • Describe the current trends in physical therapy related to: Patient care, FSBPT practice analysis, PT compact, reimbursement, employment, telehealth, etc.

Module 4: Engagement

  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to PTA education.
  • Engage with other participants in key issues around PTA education.
  • Integrate personal perspectives with new knowledge and perspectives of other stakeholders.

Additional summit information is available at PTA Education Summit 2021 - APTA Academy of Education,  or with an email to   

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ELC 2021 Social Media Contest

If you use social media, here's your opportunity to earn a free lunch for your institution's entire PT program faculty

First, start using #ELC2021 in your personal social media posts now - including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - to encourage your peers to register for the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC).  Be sure to tag your institution's PT program within your posts too.

Then during the conference (Friday, October 22 - Sunday, October 24), we'll track the number of posts with #ELC20201 and the PT university tagged.  The institution with the most total #ELC2021 posts will receive $500 from UberEats to share with the PT administrators and faculty. Sponsored by: University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

ELC is co-hosted by the APTA Academy of Education and American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT).  

Here's what we encourage you to post:

  • Share what was your favorite part of the day.
  • Tell us if you’re an ELC first-timer – and what you think about the program.
  • Take a selfie of yourself and the space you’re using to view the virtual conference. If your pet is nearby, include it in the photo too!
  • Post your favorite quotes from speakers and your fellow attendees.




The Awards Committee is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the APTA Academy of Education Awards. Members are urged to consider these opportunities for themselves and their colleagues. 

1. Award for Leadership in Education

2. Adopt-A-Doc Scholarship

3. Distinguished Educator in PT Education Award

4. Distinguished Educator in PTA Education Award

5. Cerasoli Lectureship Award

The deadline for nomination is on November 1, 2021. Awards will be presented during the APTA Academy of Education Business meeting during the 2022 CSM in San Antonio, TX.

For more details on how to nominate a colleague, please visit

The Future of PTA Education and Physical Therapy Practice: PTA Education Summit

The APTA Academy of Education is conducting a Summit on the future of PTA education. The summit will address current challenges in PTA education, with the goal of formulating prioritized recommendations for future work that will prepare PTAs to better meet the demands of contemporary physical therapy thus strengthening the PT/PTA team.

If you or someone in your program or organization can provide informed input to this critical dialog, we urge participation. Detailed information on participant expectations and qualifications for this multiphase Summit can be found at our Summit website. Broad and diverse representation will lead to Summit outcomes that can influence PTA scope of work and, potentially, the elements of physical therapist practice that PTAs support.

Please consider participation after visiting the Summit website - as well as forwarding this information to your colleagues whose experience and viewpoints can inform and influence these efforts.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and any assistance you can provide.  

Pamela K. Levangie


APTA Academy of Education


PTA Education SIG Call for Webinar Presentation Proposals

Over the last year, the PTAE SIG webinar series provided an opportunity for PTA educators across the country to share their knowledge and expertise during a time when connection was more important than ever. The webinar series was a huge success and is continuing to grow and evolve. This coming year, we are now putting out a call for webinar presentations that will continue to allow for ongoing connection, sharing, and professional growth. Presenting at a PTAE SIG Webinar is a great way to present in a safe, non-intimidating form and can be an excellent stepping stone along a journey towards a submission or presentation at larger conferences.

The webinar committee is now seeking submissions for the 2021-2022 academic year. Presentations should cover topics applicable to PTA Education but can have an education or clinical focus. All presentations should be able to be presented in one hour in a Zoom format.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to present at the webinar series, please complete the presentation proposal form found here:

More information and all submission requirements are included on the proposal form. Once you have submitted your proposal, the committee will review your submission and contact you for follow-up.

We are currently looking for presentations for:

  • December 2021
  • Spring webinars (January-April 2021)

The proposal submission deadline for December 2021 and Spring 2022 webinars is September 1, 2021.

Make sure to mark your calendar for all upcoming dates for our 2021-2022 webinar series. All dates can be found here:

Webinars occur October-April on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00PM EST/6:00PM CS/5:00PM MST/4:00PM PST

We look forward to your submission and seeing you online!

Any questions regarding the webinar series can be sent to: